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Training Collars - Electronic

57 items found
Dogtra, 2300NCP Expandable
ITEM: 1113085-00020
DT Systems, R.A.P.T. 1400, Black
ITEM: 1008365-01220
Dogtra 280C Compact Trainer
ITEM: 1113070-M
Starting at $214.99
FT-330 Finger Trainer Educator Remote E-Collar
ITEM: 1307125-M
Starting at $269.99
Garmin, Sport PRO Bundle
ITEM: 1129700-11443
DT Systems, R.A.P.T. 1400 CoverUp
ITEM: 1008365-01401
SportDog, SD-1225X, SportHunter 1225X
ITEM: 901216-16607
SportDog, SD-875, SportTrainer 875, Orange
ITEM: 901226-16034
EZ-900 Easy Educator 1/2 Mile Remote Dog Trainer
ITEM: 1307340-M
Starting at $249.99
Garmin, Delta SE Bundle
ITEM: 1129540-29185
DT Systems, Micro-iDT Plus
ITEM: 1008500-13007
DT Systems, Master Retriever 1100, Camo
ITEM: 1008375-13370
Dogtra, IQ Plus Remote Trainer System
ITEM: 1113010-02022
DT Systems, R.A.P.T. 1450 Upland
ITEM: 1008365-01250
SportDog, SportTrainer 575, Orange
ITEM: 901226-16441
Dogtra, 1900S Wetlands B&L, 1 Dog Model
ITEM: 1113076-02097
SportDog, SD-425X, FieldTrainer 425X
ITEM: 901211-16603
SportDog, SD-1825X, SportHunter 1825X
ITEM: 901219-16608
Garmin, Pro 70 System
ITEM: 1129700-11432
Dogtra 200C Compact Trainer
ITEM: 1113065-M
Starting at $189.99
Dogtra, Edge RT
ITEM: 1113055-02047
Dogtra, ARC
ITEM: 1113060-02045
Garmin, Pro Trashbreaker System
ITEM: 1129700-11441
SportDog, SportTrainer 575, Black
ITEM: 901226-16890
SportDog, FS-825, FieldSentinal 825
ITEM: 901220-17808
Dogtra, Cue, Green
ITEM: 1113701-02087
SportDog, SD-825X, SportHunter 825X
ITEM: 901227-16606
PG-300 Educator Page Only Vibration Remote Trainer
ITEM: 1307600-M
Starting at $209.99
ME-300 Micro Educator Remote E-Collar
ITEM: 1307375-M
Starting at $219.99
Garmin, Pro 550 System
ITEM: 1129700-11436
DT Systems, Super Pro e-Lite, SPT 2400
ITEM: 1008515-M
Starting at $399.99

The Best Electronic Dog Collars for Training: Garmin, Dogtra, SportDog

Training your dog can be a real challenge, but with the right tools it can be a breeze. Electronic dog collars are a popular and effective way to train your furry friend, and Dogs Unlimited has a great selection for you to choose from. We carry top brands like Garmin, Dogtra, and SportDog, so you can trust that you're getting quality collars that will last.

Garmin electronic collars are a great choice for hunters or dog owners who spend a lot of time outside. Their systems are designed to work in all kinds of weather, so you don't have to worry about your dog's collar malfunctioning in the rain or snow. Dogtra electronic collars are another popular choice, and many of their systems are expandable, so you can add collars as needed if you have more than one dog.

At Dogs Unlimited, we have electronic collars for all kinds of training needs. If you need a collar that's designed to stop your dog from barking, we have bark collars that use sound or vibrations to deter your dog from vocalizing. If you need a collar that can help you locate your dog in the field, we have beeper collars that emit a beeping sound to help you track your dog's location.

In addition to electronic collars, we also carry remote trainers. These systems allow you to control your dog's behavior from a distance, which is especially useful for hunting dogs. Our SportDog remote trainers are a popular choice, and they're designed to work up to two miles away. Whether you're trying to teach your dog to stay, come when called, or stop barking, a remote trainer can be a great tool to have in your training arsenal.

If you're looking for the best electronic dog collars for training, look no further than Dogs Unlimited. Our selection of top brands and quality collars is unmatched. Plus, with our Rebates & Specials and Gifts $100 or More sections, you can save even more on your purchase. Shop now and find the perfect collar for your furry friend!",

Training Collars - Electronic Q & A

What are some popular brands of electronic dog collars carried by Dogs Unlimited?
Dogs Unlimited carries top brands like Garmin, Dogtra, and SportDog, among others.
What types of electronic dog collars are available at Dogs Unlimited?
Dogs Unlimited has electronic collars for all kinds of needs, including bark collars, beeper collars, and remote trainers.
Are there electronic collars that can help me locate my dog in the field?
Yes, Dogs Unlimited carries beeper collars that emit a beeping sound to help you track your dog's location.
What is a remote trainer?
A remote trainer is a type of electronic collar that allows you to control your dog's behavior from a distance.
Does Dogs Unlimited offer any specials or rebates on electronic collars?
Yes, Dogs Unlimited has a Rebates & Specials section and a Gifts $100 or More section where you can find deals on electronic collars and other products.
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