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  • ET-800 The Boss Educator E-Collar 1 Mile Big Dog Remote Trainer
  • ET-800 The Boss Educator E-Collar 1 Mile Big Dog Remote Trainer
  • ET-800 The Boss Educator E-Collar 1 Mile Big Dog Remote Trainer
  • ET-800 The Boss Educator E-Collar 1 Mile Big Dog Remote Trainer

ET-800 The Boss Educator E-Collar 1 Mile Big Dog Remote Trainer

by E-Collar Technologies Item #: 1307120-M
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Master Your Dog's Training with The Boss Educator 1 Mile Remote Trainer
$299.99 - $429.99$299.99
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The ET-800, The Boss Educator E-Collar 1 Mile Big Dog Remote Trainer by E-Collar Technologies - an exceptional solution for mastering your dog's training. This premium remote trainer is specifically designed for big dogs weighing 20 lbs or larger.

Experience a whole new level of flexibility with the Boss Educator ET-800TS, the most versatile working dog remote available, boasting an impressive 1-mile range. This e-collar is packed with unique features, such as our proprietary "blunt stimulation", which outperforms traditional low-level stimulation work. Yet, when high stimulation is necessary, the ET-800TS collar receiver delivers the highest stimulation among all remote trainers in the market.

What sets The Boss Educator ET-800TS apart is the innovative COS (control of stimulation) technology. This feature ensures a clean, jerk-free stimulation, unlike other training collars. You can easily set the boost stimulation level anywhere between 1 and 60, or simply leave it to default at 20.

The e-collar also utilizes a distinctive tapping sensation, similar to vibration but more intense, effectively substituting the need for stimulation. The stopwatch-style transmitter is ergonomically designed to the point that you can operate it without needing to look at it, allowing you to focus on your dog.

For those evening training sessions, the night tracking light, controlled by the transmitter, provides an efficient way to locate your dog after dark. Plus, the transmitter is waterproof and even floats, so you can confidently use it near water bodies without worry.

Proudly assembled in the USA, the ET-800, The Boss Educator E-Collar, offers both single-dog and two-dog model options. This e-collar is certainly more than just a strong shock collar - it's the ultimate training tool that combines power, precision, and convenience. Get your Boss Educator ET-800TS Big Dog Remote Trainer today and experience a new era of dog training.
  • 1 Mile Range
  • 2 Dog is Available ET-802TS
  • 100 Levels Dial Adjustable with “Lock and Set” Feature
  • Ergonomic and Floating Transmitter
  • LCD Display for Precision Control
  • Low Battery Indicators on Both Units
  • Remote Controlled Night Light
  • Durable Biothane™ Collar Strap
  • Employs Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries
  • Two Year Full Warranty (Batteries Covered)

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ET-800 The Boss Educator E-Collar 1 Mile Big Dog Remote Trainer Q&A

How large should my dog be to use the ET-800TS?
Your dog should be 20 lbs or larger to use this collar.
Does the transmitter float?
Yes, the transmitter is designed to float in water.
What is the range of the Boss Educator ET-800TS?
This collar has a 1-mile range.
What type of batteries does the ET-800TS use?
It uses Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.
What is the warranty on the Boss Educator ET-800TS?
There is a two-year full warranty, which also covers the batteries.
What are the unique features of the Boss Educator ET-800TS?
Some unique features include COS technology, ergonomic transmitter, remote-controlled night light, and an adjustable boost stimulation.
What is the tapping sensation feature?
It is similar to vibration but more intense, making it a good substitute for stimulation.
What is COS technology?
COS (Control of Stimulation) technology provides very clean stimulation without the normal head jerking.
Can I use this collar on my hunting dog?
Yes, the Boss Educator ET-800TS is suitable for hunting dog training.
How do I adjust the boost stimulation level?
You can set the level of the boost stimulation between 1 and 60, or it will default to 20.

Item Specifications

Range1 Mile
Dog Size20 lbs or larger
2 Dog AvailabilityET-802TS
Adjustable Levels1-100, Dial with "Lock and Set"
Transmitter FeaturesErgonomic and Floating, LCD Display, Low Battery Indicator
Collar FeaturesDurable Biothane material, Low Battery Indicator
Night LightRemote Controlled
BatteriesNi-MH Rechargeable
WarrantyTwo Year Full (Batteries Covered)

Boss Educator ET-800TS - Master 1-Mile Big Dog Training with Ease

Experience the unparalleled versatility and functionality of the Boss Educator ET-800TS, offering advanced technology in e-collar training to ensure your dog receives the best guidance. Designed for large breeds, this 1-mile range remote trainer is perfect for hunters and pet owners alike, bringing you a wide array of unique features to make training sessions effective and enjoyable for both you and your dog.

The innovative COS (Control of Stimulation) technology in the Boss Educator ET-800TS provides an incredibly clean stimulation without the uncomfortable jerking sensation often associated with traditional training collars. Set the boost stimulation level between 1 and 60 or let it default to 20, ensuring optimal control and precision that suits your dog's needs.

Designed with user-friendly convenience in mind, the ergonomic stopwatch-style transmitter allows you to keep your eyes on your dog at all times during training sessions. The floating transmitter is built tough and can withstand being dropped in water. Additional features include an LCD display, low battery indicators, a remote-controlled night light, and a durable biothane collar strap.

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