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Dogtra Electronic Dog Collars

Dogtra has a fantastic selection of electronic dog training collars. A unique feature that Dogtra uses in adjusting stimulation levels is their rheostat system. It allows the user to refine the exact electronic stimulation they need to train their dog the most effectively. This rheostat system is great for all sizes of dogs and especially those with mild temperaments.
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Dogtra, Cue Additional Receiver
ITEM: 1113702-M
Dogtra, 1900S Wetlands B&L, 1 Dog Model
ITEM: 1113076-02097
Dogtra, Cue, Green
ITEM: 1113701-02087
Dogtra, Handsfree Square
ITEM: 1113064-02084
Dogtra, IQ Plus Remote Trainer System
ITEM: 1113010-02022
Dogtra, IQ Plus Additional Receiver, Orange
ITEM: 1113010-02043
Dogtra 200C Compact Trainer
ITEM: 1113065-M
Starting at $189.99
Dogtra 280C Compact Trainer
ITEM: 1113070-M
Starting at $214.99
Dogtra, Edge Additional Receiver
ITEM: 1113052-M
Dogtra, 2300NCP Expandable
ITEM: 1113085-00020
Dogtra, Edge RT
ITEM: 1113055-02047
Dogtra, ARC
ITEM: 1113060-02045
Dogtra, ARC Additional Receiver
ITEM: 1113061-02046
Dogtra, Titanium Comfort Pad
ITEM: 1113900-35904

Dogtra Electronic Collars: The Best Way to Train Your Dog with a Unique Rheostat System

Dogtra Electronic Collars offer a wide range of collars with different features to suit the needs of various dog owners. One of their distinct features is the rheostat system which allows the user to adjust the intensity of the stimulation for each dog to individualize the training. Unlike other electronic collars that might use a fixed intensity, Dogtra gives you the flexibility to adjust the levels as needed.

The Dogtra, Cue Additional Receiver is an excellent choice for those who want to train two dogs with the same transmitter. You can use the Cue, Green for the first dog and add the additional receiver so you can train the second one at maximum range.

For those looking for hands-free operations, the Dogtra Handsfree Square is the right choice. The 1900S Handsfree PLUS, on the other hand, comes with a compact transmitter and a range of 1 mile, perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking or hunting.

The Dogtra IQ Plus Remote Trainer System is another popular choice among dog owners because of its small size and impressive range. If you have a dog with a mild temperament, consider getting the Dogtra IQ Plus Additional Receiver which offers a low to medium power stimulation.

For those with larger breeds, the Dogtra 2300NCP Expandable is a great choice. It offers a range of 3/4 mile and can expand up to three dogs. You can also opt for the Dogtra Edge RT which has a range of 1 mile, perfect for hunting or field training.

Dogtra Electronic Collars Q & A

What is the rheostat system and how is it beneficial in electronic dog training collars?
The rheostat system is a unique feature in Dogtra Electronic Collars that allows the user to adjust the stimulation levels for their dog. It gives you the flexibility to individualize the training and adjust the intensity as needed.
What are some of the popular models of Dogtra Electronic Collars?
Dogtra offers a wide range of electronic collars, including the Dogtra, Cue Additional Receiver, 1900S, 280C, Edge RT, 2300NCP Expandable, and more.
What is the range of the Dogtra, 1900S Handsfree PLUS?
The Dogtra, 1900S Handsfree PLUS has a range of 1 mile, making it perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting, or field training.
Can I train two dogs with the same transmitter using Dogtra Electronic Collars?
Yes, you can use Dogtra, Cue Additional Receiver if you want to train two dogs with the same transmitter. You can also opt for other expandable models, such as the 2300NCP Expandable.
Are there options for dogs with mild temperaments?
Yes, you can consider getting the Dogtra IQ Plus Additional Receiver, which offers low to medium power stimulation, suitable for dogs with mild temperaments.
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