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  • Dogtra, IQ Plus Additional Receiver, Orange

Dogtra, IQ Plus Additional Receiver, Orange

by Dogtra Item #: 1113010-02043
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Expand Your Training with an Additional Orange Receiver/Collar
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IQ Plus Additional Receiver, Orange is the perfect tool for expanding your dog training capabilities. This product is designed to work seamlessly with the Dogtra iQ Plus Expandable unit.

The package includes one receiver/collar with a striking orange strap. The standard 5/8" Contact Points ensure a comfortable and secure fit for your pet. A Splitter Cable 5-5 is also included in the package for easy setup and use.

Being an additional receiver/collar, this product enables you to expand your Dogtra iQ Plus training system effortlessly. This makes it an ideal choice for households with multiple pets or professional trainers who need to manage several dogs at once.

The bold orange color of the collar not only adds a stylish touch but also ensures high visibility, making it easy to keep track of your dog during training sessions.

In conclusion, the Dogtra IQ Plus Additional Receiver, Orange is a unique blend of functionality, style, and convenience. It's a high-quality accessory that enhances your dog training experience by enabling you to train more than one dog with the same Dogtra iQ Plus Expandable unit. Upgrade your Dogtra iQ Plus training system with this additional orange receiver/collar for more effective and efficient training.
  • One Receiver/Collar with ORANGE strap. (with standard 5/8" Contact Points)
  • Splitter Cable 5-5

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Dogtra, IQ Plus Additional Receiver, Orange Q&A

What is the color of the additional receiver?
Can I use this additional receiver with my Dogtra iQ Plus Expandable unit?
Yes, it is compatible.
What are the contact points size?
The contact points are standard 5/8 inches.
What cable is included in the package?
A Splitter Cable 5-5 is included.
Is this suitable for training multiple dogs?
Yes, it is perfect for multi-dog training.
What material is the strap made of?
The strap is made of durable material for a secure fit.
How does the receiver attach to the collar?
It easily attaches with the supplied strap.
Does it require special charging equipment?
No, the included splitter cable 5-5 allows easy charging.
Is this receiver/collar comfortable for my dog?
Yes, it is designed for comfort and durability.
Can I expect improved results in my dog training?
Absolutely, this reliable and versatile accessory ensures effective training and improved results.

Item Specifications

ModelIQ Plus Additional Receiver
CompatibilityDogtra iQ Plus Expandable unit
Package ContentsOne Receiver/Collar, Splitter Cable 5-5
Strap ColorOrange
Contact Points SizeStandard 5/8"
Receiver/Collar with Orange StrapWith standard 5/8" Contact Points unless stated in the comment box
Splitter Cable5-5

Dogtra iQ Plus Orange Additional Receiver Collar- Expand Your Dog Training

Add a durable orange receiver/collar to your Dogtra iQ Plus Expandable unit for efficient and effective dog training at your fingertips. Expand your system seamlessly, allowing simultaneous training for multiple dogs.

Designed for comfort and ease of use, the Dogtra iQ Plus additional orange receiver/collar is an essential accessory for training multiple dogs. Equipped with standard 5/8" contact points, this dependable and versatile product ensures effective training and improved results.

Enhance your dog training experience with the Dogtra iQ Plus additional orange receiver/collar. The included splitter cable 5-5 enables easy charging, while the durable strap ensures a secure fit. Don't miss the opportunity to expand your training capabilities with this expertly crafted accessory.

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