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Dog Training Gear

Gun dogs need training, and at Dogs Unlimited we have a vast assortment of gun dog training supplies: blank pistols for the professional or the weekend warrior, check cords in all shapes and sizes perfect for different training scenarios, whistles and lanyards to hold them, dog harnesses for getting your bird dog in condition for the upcoming season, dog training bumpers and dummies for times when birds aren't available, bird launchers to simulate a true hunt, and bird housing supplies and equipment. Everything you need to make your good dog better. We have it at Dogs Unlimited.

Top Gun Dog Training Gear: Blank Pistols, Harnesses, Bird Launchers & More

Gun dogs require training for a successful hunting season and we have the best selection of training supplies to make your good dog better! At Dogs Unlimited, we offer a vast assortment of gun dog training supplies that will help condition your dogs for the upcoming hunting season. Our supplies range from blank pistols to bird handling equipment, and everything in between.

Blank pistols or starter pistols are essential for dog training, and we offer a great selection of nylon and leather holsters to match. Safety glasses, ear protection, and quality dog training pistol ammo are also available on our website. Check cords, check straps, and steadying tools are designed to make your hunting dog training days more efficient and successful. We have both rope and flat materials to suit your personal preference, and our check cords and straps are of high quality and durability. With our selection of training collars and harnesses, you can train your dog humanely and enforce learned behaviors. Our harnesses are perfect for conditioning your dog from an ATV or a horseback, and our roading harness is excellent for horseback field trials.

The best gun dogs are trained using whistle commands. Choose from our wide selection of whistles to find the perfect one for your dog training style and environment. Our whistles are designed to work in different weather conditions and with varying distances from the trainer. Gear bags are a must-have for every gun dog training gear collection. With our selection of bird dog training gear bags, you can organize your supplies and make your dog training sessions more efficient. Retrieving dummies and bumpers are crucial for gun dog training. Dogs Unlimited has an extensive selection of realistic dummies that simulate the game birds your dog will encounter in the field. We also offer a wide range of scents for your dog to achieve a more familiar hunting experience in their training sessions.

Bird launchers and releasers are vital for successful bird dog training. At Dogs Unlimited, we have a large variety of bird launchers and releasers, and we understand that each training scenario is different, and we have a solution for every dog training need. Our selection of bird handling and training equipment will create a successful bird dog training session, whether you're working with pigeons, quail, chukar, or pheasants. We also have bird housing supplies to keep your training birds safe and secure. Our pigeon and quail palace plans are a reliable way to ensure you provide the perfect living environment for your birds. Food and watering systems, pigeon bobs, and predator-proof funnels are also available on our website.

Dog Training Gear Q & A

Do I need a blank pistol for dog training?
Yes, a blank pistol is essential for dog training.
What training scents do you offer?
We offer a wide selection of training scents to introduce your dog to the specific bird they will be hunting.
What is the importance of bird launchers and releasers?
Bird launchers and releasers are vital for successful bird dog training as they simulate a true hunt.
Do you have bird housing supplies?
Yes, we have housing supplies to keep your training birds safe and secure.
What is the selection criteria for choosing a whistle?
The right whistle heavily depends on your style of dog training and environment in which you'll be training your dog.
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