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E-Collar Technologies Electronic Collars

E-Collar Technologies has a dog training collar for every situation. They even have a collar that works on vibration only; no electronic stimulation! Their collar options include training collars for small pets that mostly stay in the house and yard to working dogs with a range out to a mile, and everything in between. Innovative features will allow you to fine tune your dog's training too.
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E-Collar Technologies: The Best Electronic Training Collars

E-Collar Technologies offers the ultimate range of dog training collars for all situations. Whether you have a small pet that stays indoors or a working dog that needs to be trained for miles, they have the perfect solution. With a variety of models, you can fine-tune your dog's training effectively.

The ET-300 Mini Educator E-Collar is one of the most popular models in the range. With a 1/2 mile remote range, it's perfect for basic obedience training, and you can use it to stop unwanted behavior in your pet such as barking or jumping.

For those with multiple pets or for professional dog trainers, there are models like the K9 Handler Trainer with 33'' Bungee Collar. These trainers have a remote range of up to 1 mile and are designed for reliable and consistent performance.

One of the most interesting features of E-Collar Technologies' collars is their vibration-only collar option. Perfect for those who prefer not to use electronic stimulation, it still allows you to train your dog effectively.

If you're looking for the ultimate in dog training technology, then the UL-1200 is the collar for you. With a 1-mile remote range and specifically designed for upland hunting dogs, this is a collar that can provide the reliability and consistency you need in any situation.

E-Collar Technologies Electronic Collars Q & A

What makes E-Collar Technologies' collars different from other dog training collars?
E-Collar Technologies' collars offer a higher range of remote training options and a vibration-only alternative to shock collars, allowing dog owners more flexibility.
What is the most popular collar in E-Collar Technologies' range?
The ET-300 Mini Educator E-Collar is one of the most popular models because of its 1/2 mile range and its ability to help stop unwanted behavior.
Are E-Collar Technologies' collars suitable for professional dog trainers?
Yes! Models like the K9 Handler Trainer are specifically designed for professional dog trainers and have a remote range of up to 1 mile.
What is the vibration-only collar feature and how can it help me train my dog?
The vibration-only collar feature is perfect for dog owners who prefer not to use electronic stimulation. It allows you to train your dog effectively and efficiently without the need for shock.
What is the UL-1200 collar and how is it different from other collars?
The UL-1200 collar is specifically designed for upland hunting dogs and has a 1-mile remote range. It is designed to provide reliability and consistency in any situation.
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