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  • K9-400 Handler 3/4 Mile Trainer with 33" Bungee Collar

K9-400 Handler 3/4 Mile Trainer with 33" Bungee Collar

by E-Collar Technologies Item #: 1307410-M
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Elevate Your K9 Training with Innovative Features
$269.99 - $399.99$269.99
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Introducing the innovative K9-400 Handler 3/4 Mile Trainer with a 33" Bungee Collar, a product exclusively designed by E-Collar Technologies. This revolutionary K9 Handler is a compact, yet powerful remote control dog trainer that offers an impressive range of up to 3/4 mile. Despite its small size, measuring just 2" x 1.5" x 1", and weighing a mere 2.4 ounces, this trainer provides ample stimulation for most dogs, making it the world's smallest rechargeable K9 collar.

The K9-400 Handler is loaded with unique features, including a unique COS (control of stimulation) technology. This advanced technology provides clean stimulation, eliminating the typical head jerking often associated with other training collars. Your dog's comfort is paramount, and the 33" bungee collar ensures just that, whilst also providing reliable contact.

This trainer is not just about functionality, but also about convenience. The transmitter is equipped with a night tracking light and a lost transmitter beeper to help locate a misplaced or lost transmitter. Plus, the transmitter even floats, ensuring it won't be lost even if dropped in a lake or any other body of water.

The K9-400 Handler 3/4 Mile Trainer with 33" Bungee Collar by E-Collar Technologies is the perfect solution to your dog training needs. It is available in two model options, the 1-Dog Model and the 2-Dog Model, to cater to all your requirements. Experience the most humane and effective dog training with the K9-400 Handler.
  • Range - 3/4 mile
  • Three stimulation modes supported (Momentary, Continuous, and Combo Mode)
  • Tapping sensation or tone stimulation (Pavlovian conditioning)
  • Quick charge Li-Polymer batteries
  • Convenient intensity dial for quick adjustment
  • Stimulation levels adjustable from 0 - 100
  • Collar receiver light for locating your dog at night
  • Lock and set stimulation safety feature
  • Stimulation boosting mode provides instant control when normal stimulation is ignored - great for emergency situations
  • User adjustable boosting levels from 1 to 60 levels
  • Completely waterproof

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K9-400 Handler 3/4 Mile Trainer with 33" Bungee Collar Q&A

How far is the range on the K9-400 Handler?
The K9-400 Handler has an impressive 3/4 mile range for effective training.
What are the available stimulation modes?
The K9-400 Handler offers three stimulation modes - Momentary, Continuous, and Combo Mode.
What is COS technology?
COS (control of stimulation) technology provides clean stimulation without the head jerking often found with other training collars.
What is the purpose of the bungee collar?
The bungee collar ensures added comfort and reliable contact for your dog during training.
What are the unique features of the transmitter?
The transmitter controls a night tracking light and features a lost transmitter beeper. It is also waterproof and floats in water.
How can I adjust stimulation levels?
Stimulation levels are adjustable from 0 to 100 using the convenient intensity dial.
What sort of battery does the K9-400 Handler use?
The K9-400 Handler uses quick-charge Li-Polymer batteries for convenient and long-lasting use.
Is the K9-400 Handler waterproof?
Yes, the K9-400 Handler is a completely waterproof training collar.
Can I use this collar to locate my dog in the dark?
Yes, it has a collar receiver light for locating your dog at night.
What is the role of Pavlovian conditioning in this system?
Tapping sensation or tone stimulation provides Pavlovian conditioning, which aids in your dog's learning process.

Item Specifications

Range3/4 mile
Stimulation ModesMomentary, Continuous, and Combo Mode
Additional StimulationTapping sensation or tone stimulation (Pavlovian conditioning)
Battery TypeQuick charge Li-Polymer batteries
Intensity DialConvenient for quick adjustment
Stimulation LevelsAdjustable from 0 - 100
Collar Receiver LightFor locating your dog at night
Lock and Set Stimulation SafetyFeature
Stimulation Boosting ModeProvides instant control when normal stimulation is ignored (emergency situations)
User Adjustable Boosting Levels1 to 60 levels
WaterproofCompletely waterproof
Training TypesHunting dog training, gun dog training, bird dog collar, schutzhund training, e-collar training, remote dog training
ModelK9-400 Handler
Collar Size33" bungee collar
Remote Control TechnologyCOS Technology
Bungee Collar ComfortAdded comfort and contact reliability unmatched in the collar industry

K9-400 Handler 3/4 Mile Trainer: Best Remote Control Dog Training Solution

Experience the most effective and humane remote control dog training with the K9-400 Handler. Designed for successful dog training, this innovative 3/4 mile range trainer is packed with unique features, promising unprecedented control and ease of use. The K9-400 is small in size, making it the world's smallest rechargeable collar, but offering enough stimulation for most dogs.

Achieve unparalleled success in dog training with the K9 Handler's COS (control of stimulation) technology, which delivers clean stimulation without unnecessary head jerking. The added comfort of the bungee collar ensures reliable contact and a comfortable fit. The comprehensive range of features in this training system, from the night tracking light to lost transmitter beeper, ensures your complete convenience and your dog's safety.

Upgrade your training experience with features like adjustable stimulation levels from 0-100, quick charge Li-Polymer batteries, and the convenient intensity dial for easy adjustments. The waterproof design ensures durability, while the availability of several stimulation modes (Momentary, Continuous, and Combo Mode) guarantees customized and efficient training. Boost your dog's learning with tapping sensation and Pavlovian conditioning.

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