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DISCOUNTED Remote Dog Training Collars

These electronic dog training collars have been previously owned but never used or have been discontinued. They are a great value and well worth the investment!
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SportDog, Add-A-Dog SDR-AS (SD-425S), A-Series Field Trainer
ITEM: 901280-13697

Find Affordable Electronic Dog Training Collars - Shop Now

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to train your dog? Look no further than our selection of electronic dog training collars!

We have a variety of previously owned, never used, or discontinued collars available for purchase. These collars are still in great condition and can provide a lot of value for their price.

One popular option is the SportDog, Add-A-Dog SDR-AS (SD-425S), A-Series Field Trainer. This SportDog brand collar is a receiver compatible with SportDog A-Series Field Trainer systems.

We also have the SportDog, Add-A-Dog SDR-AF (SD-425, SD-825), A-Series Field Trainer available. This collar also works with SportDog A-Series Field Trainer systems.

Investing in an electronic training collar can save you time and money in the long run. With proper use and training, your dog can learn to behave better and live their best life. Browse our selection now and find the perfect collar for you and your dog.

Dog Training Collars Q & A

What are electronic dog training collars?
Electronic dog training collars are devices used to train dogs through the use of stimulation, ranging from a buzzing sound to a static shock.
Are electronic dog training collars safe?
Yes, electronic dog training collars are safe when used properly. It is important to read the instructions carefully and consult with a professional trainer if you are unsure.
Why would I need an electronic dog training collar?
Electronic dog training collars can be helpful in training dogs who struggle with obedience or have behavior issues. They can also be useful for hunting and other outdoor activities.
What is the difference between the SportDog, Add-A-Dog SDR-AS and the SDR-AF?
The SDR-AS is compatible with SportDog A-Series Field Trainer systems, while the SDR-AF is also compatible with those systems but works with different models.
Can electronic dog training collars be used on all breeds and sizes of dogs?
Electronic dog training collars can be used on most breeds and sizes of dogs, but it is important to choose the right collar based on your dog's weight and training needs.
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