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Dog Training & GPS Collars

Electronic dog training collars, used appropriately, can be one of the most humane ways to train a dog; and when they're integrated with a beeper or GPS system they can be amazing. Dogs Unlimited has a huge selection of e-collars, GPS dog recovery systems, beeper collars, and available combo systems. The electronic collars, GPS systems, and beeper collars all come in a variety of configurations so you can pick the right system for your dog and your training style. So, regardless of the size of your dog, their temperament, or the terrain you run, we've got you covered with the perfect system.

Top Electronic Dog Training Collars and GPS Collar Systems

Electronic dog training collars with beeper or GPS systems can be some of the most humane ways to train your dogs. There are many brands and types available, making it difficult to choose the right one for your needs. However, Dogs Unlimited is here to help. We have a wide selection of top-rated electronic collars, GPS systems, beeper collars, and combo systems to fit every dog's needs and training style. One of the top brands for GPS dog tracking systems is Garmin, which offers professional-grade features at every level. It also offers GPS/e-collar combo systems for a complete training experience. Additionally, it has no-bark collars that are effective when needed. SportDog Brand is a favorite among upland and waterfowl hunting dog trainers. It has a unique configuration that allows users to customize their electronic collar systems to their specific dog training requirements. Its beeper collar is suitable for bird hunters who require additional assurance when hunting. Dogtra is a specialty brand that offers an innovative line of electronic dog training collar systems, GPS, and beeper collars. Its GPS system incorporates smartphone transmitter and receiver to make a dog owner's job easier. DT Systems offers electronic dog training collars with advanced features designed for professionals and amateurs. It also has a unique pet containment system, in which it combines electronic dog training collars and GPS systems. Additionally, DT Systems has a range of options for beeper collars, and no-bark collars.E-collar Technologies offers technologically advanced electronic dog training collars for dogs of all sizes and types, from small companion dogs to hard-charging hunting dogs. Its dog training systems have features to make every training session a success.

Dog Training & GPS Collars Q & A

What is an e-collar, and are they humane?
Electronic dog training collars, or e-collars, are a humane way to train dogs when used appropriately.
What brands offer GPS dog tracking systems?
Garmin, SportDog and Dogtra offer GPS dog tracking systems.
What is unique about SportDog Brand's electronic collars?
SportDog Brand electronic collars can be customized to meet specific dog training needs.
Do any brands offer no-bark collars?
Garmin, SportDog, Dogtra, and DT Systems offer no-bark collars.
What kind of accessories are available at Dogs Unlimited?
Dogs Unlimited has e-collar accessories that help with dog training, including items like GPS enabled collars and collar straps.
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