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SportDog Accessories

SportDog offers you great e-collar and GPS systems for training your hunting dog and these are the accessories that work with these times. From original manufacturers collar straps to holsters and other gear to make your life easier.
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SportDog, Locator Beacon
ITEM: 901130-M
SportDog, Accessory Short Probes
ITEM: 901020-12571
SportDog, Accessory Long Probes
ITEM: 901020-12570
SportDog, Accessory Antenna
ITEM: 901010-12543
SportDog, Accessory TEK-100H Antenna
ITEM: 901161-13577
SportDog, Collar Strap, 1" Wide, Red
ITEM: 901410-10822

SportDog Accessories for E-Collars and GPS Systems - Collar Straps, Holsters, and More

Are you looking to enhance your hunting dog's training experience? Look no further than SportDog accessories! This reputable brand offers top-notch e-collars and GPS systems specially designed for hunting dogs, and now you can find all the accessories you need to make your training experience even better.

From original manufacturers collar straps to holsters and other gear, SportDog accessories provide added convenience, comfort and durability for both you and your dog. Whether you need replacement parts or want to add to your collection of training tools, SportDog has you covered with a wide range of products to meet your needs.

One of the most popular SportDog accessories is the FieldKing SK SportDog SD-2525 Transmitter Holster. Made from high-quality Latigo leather, this holster provides easy access to your transmitter while keeping it secure on your belt. You can also find accessory adaptors, short and long probes, antennas, and TEK-100H antenna retention bands.

In addition to these essential accessories, SportDog also offers a variety of collar straps. Whether you prefer a wider 1-inch strap or a thinner 3/4-inch strap, you can choose from a range of colors such as blue, yellow, red, green, black, and orange. The FieldKing Universal Collar Straps are also adjustable with 32 holes, ensuring a comfortable fit for your dog.

Overall, choosing SportDog accessories is a smart investment in your hunting dog's training journey. With their high-quality materials and versatile range of products, you can enjoy enhanced convenience and comfort while training and hunting with your dog.

SportDog Accessories Q & A

What types of SportDog accessories can I find?
You can find collar straps, holsters, antenna retention bands, adaptor accessories, and short and long probes, among others.
What is the FieldKing SK SportDog SD-2525 Transmitter Holster made of?
It is made from high-quality Latigo leather.
Do SportDog collar straps come in different sizes?
Yes, you can find 1-inch wide straps and 3/4-inch wide straps.
Are SportDog accessories compatible only with SportDog e-collars and GPS systems?
Yes, these accessories are designed to work with SportDog systems specifically.
Can I find replacement parts for my SportDog e-collar and GPS system?
Yes, SportDog offers a wide range of replacement parts and accessories to meet your needs.
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