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  • SportDog, Collar Strap, 1" Wide, Orange

SportDog, Collar Strap, 1" Wide, Orange

by SportDog Brand Item #: 901410-10811
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Enjoy the Perfect Fit with SportDog's Orange Collar Strap!
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SportDog's 1" wide Orange Collar Strap has 44 tightly spaced holes almost guaranteeing a perfect fit on every dog.

This collar will help you distinguish between multiple dogs in the field or different electronic receiver collars.
  • Waterproof and rustproof
  • 28 inches long
  • 1 inch wide
  • 44 tightly spaced holes to ensure correct fit
  • Metal roller buckle for easy fastening on your dog
  • Metal D-ring for quick leash attachment
  • Metal strap keeper for safety

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SportDog, Collar Strap, 1" Wide, Orange Q&A

What size is the SportDog Orange Collar Strap?
The collar strap is 1 inch wide, 28 inches long.
Is the collar strap waterproof?
Yes, the SportDog Orange Collar Strap is waterproof.
How many holes does the collar strap have?
It has 44 tightly spaced holes for a perfect fit.
What is the main benefit of the orange color?
The bright orange color helps distinguish between multiple dogs or electronic receiver collars.
What type of buckle does the collar strap have?
It features a metal roller buckle for easy fastening.
Is it easy to attach a leash to the collar strap?
Yes, it comes with a metal D-ring for quick leash attachment.
Does the collar strap have a strap keeper?
Yes, there is a metal strap keeper for extra safety.
Can this strap be used as a replacement for my dog's current e-collar straps?
Absolutely, this collar strap is ideal for replacing worn-out e-collar straps.
Is the SportDog Orange Collar Strap durable?
Yes, it is made from waterproof and rustproof materials for lasting durability.
What type of dogs is this collar strap suitable for?
With 44 tightly spaced holes, it is suitable for various dog sizes to ensure a perfect fit.

Item Specifications

Product NameCollar Strap
Width1" Wide
Length28 inches
Number of Holes44 tightly spaced holes
Fastening MechanismMetal roller buckle
Leash AttachmentMetal D-ring
Safety FeatureMetal strap keeper
Waterproof and RustproofYes
CompatibilityElectronic receiver collars, shock collars
Replacement UsageReceiver collar straps, e-collar straps, electronic collar straps, shock collar straps

SportDog Orange Collar Strap - Durable, Waterproof and Perfect Fit

Introducing the SportDog Orange Collar Strap - designed to provide the perfect fit, with 44 tightly spaced holes ensuring optimal sizing for every dog. This 1-inch wide collar strap offers durability with its waterproof and rustproof material, making it an ideal choice for field training or daily use.

The bright orange color of this collar strap serves as an added benefit, easily distinguishing between multiple dogs in the field or various electronic receiver collars. Plus, with a metal roller buckle, fastening the collar onto your dog is quicker and easier than ever.

SportDog's Orange Collar Strap includes a metal D-ring for rapid leash attachment and a metal strap keeper for ensuring your dog's safety at all times. Say goodbye to worn-out straps and trust in the quality of SportDog's replacement e-collar straps, designed to last in all types of weather conditions.

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