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Our Community

DOGS Unlimited is part of a much larger community and we are fortunate to connect with this community in a variety of ways.

Certainly participating in local, regional, and national performance events allows us to compete and compare ourselves to some of the best dogs, trainers, and handlers the United States has to offer. It also allows us the camaraderie of this gun dog community where we have been lucky to meet and converse with some of the best people on earth.

The hunting community is a tremendously valuable community to us as well. Traveling to different states and visiting with the people that we meet in the field, restaurants and hotel lobbies has given us exceptional insights into the folks that do the same things that we do. Train our dogs and take them to the field. Proving their skill to put the bounty in the bag but ultimately on the table.

We also believe that the social networks available to our community and us have become a remarkable tool for communicating. We have found that communicating with the gun dog community through Instagram, FACEBOOK, and Twitter have allowed us to meet and exchange ideas with a tremendous number of people.

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