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SportDog TEK GPS/E-Collar

The TEK Series GPS Collars from SportDog have made innovation commonplace. Easy to use and designed with the handler in mind SportDog's GPS Systems are a must have when in the field. Made to handle rough conditions upland hunters and hounds men have long counted on SportDog TEK Series GPS systems to keep them in contact with their wide ranging hunting dogs. Extreme performance is required when hunting with hounds and hard running bird dogs and SportDog checks all the boxes in this category.
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SportDog TEK Series GPS Collars - The Best Choice for Hard-Running Hunting Dogs

The SportDog TEK GPS/E-Collar systems have revolutionized the way hunters track and train their dogs. These systems are designed with the handler in mind, making them easy to use and perfect for use in the field.

With several models available, SportDog has something that will meet the needs of any upland hunter or houndsman. The TEK Series 1.5 GPS Tracking collar system is a great place to start. This collar system is perfect for hunters who only need GPS tracking.

If you need GPS tracking as well as E-collar training, the TEK Series 1.5 GPS Tracking & E-Collar System is an excellent option. This system allows you to track your dog's location as well as deliver corrections when necessary.

For those who hunt with hard running bird dogs or hounds, the TEK 2.0 GPS Tracking Collar System is a must-have. This system is built to handle rough conditions and provide extreme performance when it's needed most.

If you need GPS tracking and E-collar training for multiple dogs, the TEK 2.0 Training & GPS Tracking Collar System is the perfect solution. This system allows you to train and track up to 21 dogs at once.

If you already have a TEK 2.0 GPS Tracking Collar System and need to add another dog, the TEK 2.0 Add-A-Dog GPS + E-Collar is exactly what you need. This collar is compatible with the TEK 2.0 system and allows you to track and train an additional dog.

To make sure your TEK GPS system is always up and running, SportDog offers a range of accessories. The TEK Series Adaptor Accessory allows you to charge your TEK handheld device while on the go. The TEK-100H antenna provides improved GPS signal while hunting in heavy cover, while the TEK Antenna Retention Bands keep your GPS collar antenna securely attached.

With SportDog's TEK Series GPS Collars, you can trust that you and your hunting dogs will always stay connected. Choose the system that works for you and upgrade your hunting experience today!

SportDog TEK GPS/E-Collar Q & A

Are the SportDog TEK GPS collapsible?
No, the collars are not collapsible but they are built to handle rough conditions.
How many dogs can be tracked with the TEK 2.0 Training & GPS Tracking Collar System?
Up to 21 dogs can be tracked and trained with this system.
Do I need both the GPS tracking and the E-collar training features?
No, SportDog offers both options separately, so you can choose the system that best meets your needs.
Can the TEK GPS Collars be used for other types of pets?
The collars are designed specifically for hunting dogs, so they may not be suitable for other types of pets.
What is the range of the SportDog TEK GPS Collars?
The range varies by model, but most have a range of up to 10 miles.
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