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Dogtra GPS/Training Collar System

Dogtra's innovation has no bounds and that is readily apparent in their GPS systems. Using your smartphone with a downloadable app as the handheld receiver, their systems offer GPS capability as well as electronic dog training. Track and train your dog using your smartphone.
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Dogtra GPS/Training Collar System: Train and Track Your Dog with the Latest Technology

Dogtra, a leading brand in dog training, has introduced GPS systems for dogs. With their innovative technology, you can train your dog and track its location using your smartphone. The handheld receiver is easy to use and the app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

The system offers electronic dog training, so you can teach your dog commands and correct its behavior without physical punishment. You can use the GPS feature to track the location of your pet, ensuring its safety and peace of mind.

The Dogtra GPS/Training Collar System is available in multiple models. The Pathfinder2 Mini, for instance, is a compact and lightweight option suitable for small dogs or puppies. It can be expanded with additional receivers, so you can train and track multiple pets at once.

The Pathfinder2 and Pathfinder 2 TRX models offer a more advanced system for larger dogs or hunting breeds. They have a longer range and more advanced features, such as bird sounds and alerts. You can customize the training modes and settings to fit your dog's needs.

Overall, Dogtra's GPS/Training Collar System is a valuable investment for pet owners who want to train their dogs and keep them safe. It's easy to use, versatile, and packed with features for a seamless experience.

Dogtra GPS/Training Collar System Q & A

How does the Dogtra GPS/Training Collar System work?
The system works by using your smartphone as the handheld receiver. You need to download the app from the App Store or Google Play and connect it to the collar. You can then track your pet's location and train it using electronic stimulation.
Is the system suitable for small dogs or puppies?
Yes, Dogtra offers the Pathfinder2 Mini, a compact and lightweight GPS/training collar system designed for small dogs and puppies. You can also expand it with additional receivers.
What are the benefits of using Dogtra's GPS/Training Collar System?
Using this system, you can train your dog and track its location in real-time. You can customize the training modes and settings to fit your pet's needs, and the electronic stimulation is a humane and effective way to correct behavior.
How many models are available for the Dogtra GPS/Training Collar System?
There are several models available, including the Pathfinder2 Mini, Pathfinder2, Pathfinder2 Additional Receiver, Pathfinder2 TRX, Pathfinder2 Mini Additional Receiver, and Pathfinder2 TRX Additional Receiver.
Can I track and train multiple dogs with this system?
Yes, you can expand the GPS/training collar system with additional receivers, so you can track and train multiple dogs at once.
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