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  • Dogtra, Pathfinder2
  • Dogtra, Pathfinder2
  • Dogtra, Pathfinder2
  • Dogtra, Pathfinder2
  • Dogtra, Pathfinder2
  • Dogtra, Pathfinder2
  • Dogtra, Pathfinder2
  • Dogtra, Pathfinder2
  • Dogtra, Pathfinder2
  • Dogtra, Pathfinder2
  • Dogtra, Pathfinder2
  • Dogtra, Pathfinder2
  • Dogtra, Pathfinder2
  • Dogtra, Pathfinder2
  • Dogtra, Pathfinder2
  • Dogtra, Pathfinder2
  • Dogtra, Pathfinder2
  • Dogtra, Pathfinder2

Dogtra, Pathfinder2

by Dogtra Item #: 1113705-08029
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Discover the Latest GPS Tracking System for Outdoor Adventures
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The Dogtra PATHFINDER2 is the latest innovation in GPS dog tracking and training systems. Ideal for all outdoor activities, from hiking to hunting, this system allows you to explore more with your dogs without worrying about their safety and training. The PATHFINDER2 offers a newly redesigned FREE real-time tracking and training app that can effectively track up to 21 dogs within a 9-mile range.

One of the unique selling points of this system is the state-of-the-art dog tracking collar equipped with E-Collar training functions. Now featuring a LED Locate Light and Pager Vibration, the PATHFINDER2 ensures your dog's safety and maximizes training effectiveness. The new GPS Connector is designed with a new E-Collar Function button for quicker response, ensuring optimal communication with your pets.

The PATHFINDER2 operates with a free app-based dog tracking system with no monthly subscription required. This means users can track and train their dogs directly from their phone, even in locations with no signal, thanks to offline maps access. The Dogtra PATHFINDER2 App requires the Dogtra PATHFINDER2 system to operate.

For compatibility, the PATHFINDER2 App requires iOS 12.1 or Android 6.0 and above, and devices must include Bluetooth 5.0 and up. It's important to note that the PATHFINDER2 System & App is only compatible with the PATHFINDER2 Series Systems.

Package contents include a PATHFINDER2 GPS E-Collar, a PATHFINDER2 GPS Connector, and a USB Charger BC 5V 2500mA.

AKC Approved Tracking Devices LINK
  • 12"+ Neck Size
  • 9-Mile Range
  • Rheostat/Volume Dial with Stimulation Levels 0-100
  • Nick and Constant Stimulation
  • Non-Stimulating Pager Vibration
  • Audible Tone
  • Fully Waterproof Receiver
  • Expandable to 21 Dogs and Hunters
  • 2-Second Update Rate
  • Geo-fence Option
  • Offline Maps
  • Precise and Up-to-date Maps
  • Tracking Only Mode
  • For Dogs as Small as 35 lbs.

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Dogtra, Pathfinder2 Q&A

What devices are compatible with the Dogtra Pathfinder2 App?
iOS 12.1 or Android 6.0 and above, and devices must include Bluetooth 5.0 and up.
Can I track multiple dogs with the Dogtra Pathfinder2 system?
Yes, you can track up to 21 dogs within a 9-mile range.
What training features does the Dogtra Pathfinder2 provide?
The system includes a LED Locate Light, E-Collar System, and Pager Vibration.
Is there a monthly subscription for the Dogtra Pathfinder2 App?
No, the Dogtra Pathfinder2 App is free for the duration of usage.
Which outdoor activities are ideal for using the Dogtra Pathfinder2 tracking system?
Hiking, hunting, or any other outdoor dog-related event.
How is the Dogtra Pathfinder2 charged?
The system is charged using a USB Charger BC 5V 2500mA.
Does the Dogtra Pathfinder2 require a cellular signal to track my dog?
No, the system works with offline maps, which don't require a cellular signal.
What is the stimulation range of the Dogtra Pathfinder2 E-Collar?
The stimulation range varies from 0-100 levels.
How do I receive updates while tracking my dog using the Dogtra Pathfinder2?
The system provides a 2-second update rate for real-time tracking.
Is the Dogtra Pathfinder2 Waterproof?
Yes, the receiver is fully waterproof.

Item Specifications

Activity TypeHiking to hunting
SystemDogtra PATHFINDER2 GPS Tracking and Training
Tracking Range*Up to 9 miles
Number of Dogs TrackedUp to 21
Collar FeaturesLED Locate Light, Pager Vibration, E-Collar
App RequirementsiOS 12.1 / Android 6.0, Bluetooth 5.0 and up
Subscription RequiredNo
Offline Maps AccessibleYes
CompatibilityPATHFINDER2 Series Systems
Package ContentPATHFINDER2 GPS E-Collar, GPS Connector, Charger
AKC ApprovedYes
Neck Size12"+
Stimulation Levels0-100
Stimulation TypesNick and Constant Stimulation, Vibration
Receiver WaterproofYes
ExpandabilityUp to 21 dogs and hunters
Update Rate2-second
Geo-fence OptionYes
Tracking Only ModeYes
Dog SizeAs small as 35 lbs.

Dogtra Pathfinder2: GPS Outdoor Dog Tracking and Training

Experience the unmatched convenience and freedom of exploring the outdoors with your dogs using the new Dogtra Pathfinder2 GPS Dog Tracking and Training System. From hiking to hunting, this advanced technology keeps you connected with your pets while providing effective training using features like E-Collar with LED Locate Light and Pager Vibration.

Say goodbye to worrying about losing track of your dogs during your exciting outdoor trips. The Dogtra Pathfinder2 GPS system enables real-time tracking of up to 21 dogs within a 9-mile range, ensuring that you keep an eye on your beloved pets while they have the freedom to roam and play.

Transform your outdoor experience by eliminating the need for monthly subscription expenses. The Dogtra Pathfinder2 system pairs with the free app on your iOS or Android device and grants access to offline maps with no signal required, giving you ultimate control over your dog-tracking and training experience.

With the Dogtra Pathfinder2, compatibility is a breeze – use the system exclusively with the Pathfinder2 Series Systems. Enjoy the benefit of expandability, as this GPS dog tracking system can accommodate up to 21 dogs and hunters for group outings and coordinating efforts like never before.

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