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Dura-Flex Dog Leashes

Dogs Unlimited's Dura-flex leashes and leads are crafted from premium BioThane material, providing exceptional resistance to rotting, odors, and chewing. To match your Custom Dura-flex collar, we offer these leads and leashes in a range of colors. Additionally, they come in various lengths, giving you greater flexibility in controlling your dog during training or walks. Our Dura-flex leashes and leads live up to their name, being soft and comfortable to the touch, ensuring a pleasant experience for both you and your furry companion.
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Dura-Flex Dog Leashes | BioThane Leads for Optimal Control

Dogs Unlimited offers the best Dura-flex leashes and leads for dog owners who need exceptional control while walking or training their furry friends. Crafted from premium BioThane material, these leads and leashes resist rotting, strong odors, and chewing. And they're super soft to the touch, making them comfortable for both pet and owner.

Our Custom Dura-flex collar color matches our wide range of leash and lead colors, allowing your pup to walk in style while remaining under your control. Choose the length that suits your walking/training situation, from 4 feet with FieldKing Dura-Flex Puppy Leash or up to 30 feet with the FieldKing Dura-Flex Check Cords. Our Dura-flex leads and leashes are designed to provide you with maximum flexibility and optimal control.

Walking your dog is more than just about getting them outside. It's an important way to bond with your furry friend, allowing both of you to relax and relieve stress. Our Dura-flex leashes and leads are made to suit all dog breeds and sizes, as well as provide the highest level of comfort during walks and training. And with our matching Custom Dura-flex collars, you'll have everything you need to make your pet's walking experience a pleasant one.

Dura-Flex Dog Leashes Q & A

What is BioThane material?
BioThane material is a synthetic material used to make durable and long-lasting dog leashes and collars.
What makes Dura-flex leashes and leads different?
Dura-flex leashes and leads are made using BioThane material that provides exceptional resistance to chewing, rotting, and odors.
Are Dura-flex leashes and leads comfortable for dogs?
Yes, Dura-flex leashes and leads are soft and comfortable for dogs, ensuring a pleasant walking experience.
What length of Dura-flex leashes and leads are available?
We offer Dura-flex leashes and leads in various lengths, from 4 feet to 30 feet.
Do you have matching collars for the Dura-flex leashes and leads?
Yes, we offer Custom Dura-flex collars that match our range of leash and lead colors.
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