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  • SportDog, Accessory Long Probes

SportDog, Accessory Long Probes

by SportDog Brand Item #: 901020-12570
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Upgrade Your SportDog Brand Receiver with Long-Length Probes
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Long-length replacement probes for SR and FR series SportDOG Brand receivers.

Kit includes probes and an O-ring.

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SportDog, Accessory Long Probes Q&A

Are these long probes compatible with all SportDog Brand receivers?
The Accessory Long Probes are specifically designed for SR and FR series SportDog Brand receivers.
What material are the long probes made of?
The long probes are made of stainless steel for durability and reliability.
Are the probes easy to attach?
Yes, the probes can be easily attached to your SR or FR series receiver with the included O-ring.
Do I need to buy an O-ring separately?
No, the O-ring is included in the SportDog Accessory Long Probes kit.
Can these probes be used with other brands of training collars?
These probes are specifically designed for SportDog Brand SR and FR series receivers.
Will the long probes make my dog's training collar more effective?
Yes, the long-length probes ensure improved contact and better performance.
Are the probes safe for my dog?
Yes, the stainless steel construction ensures the probes are safe and durable for your dog.
Is there any additional maintenance required for the long probes?
No, the stainless steel material is low maintenance and easy to clean.
Can the probes be used with electronic collars?
Yes, the SportDog Accessory Long Probes are compatible with electronic collars.
How do I know when to replace my current probes?
If you notice any issues with contact or performance, it may be time to replace your existing probes with the SportDog Accessory Long Probes.

Item Specifications

Product TypeAccessory Long Probes
CompatibilitySR and FR series SportDOG Brand receivers
Kit ComponentsProbes and an O-ring
CategoryTraining Collars - Accessories
Other Names for ProductDog collar long probes, dog collar long prongs, e collar long probes, e collar long prongs, electronic collar long probes
MaterialStainless steel long probes, stainless steel long prongs

SportDog Accessory Long Probes – A Perfect Upgrade for SR and FR Series Receivers

Upgrade your SportDog SR and FR series receivers with the premium Accessory Long Probes. These top-quality, stainless steel probes ensure you have the best possible contact for peak performance.

The SportDog Accessory Long Probes Kit provides you with everything you need to replace your existing probes, including long-length probes and an O-ring for secure attachment.

Don't settle for less when it comes to your dog's training collar. The SportDog Accessory Long Probes are the ideal solution, ensuring a reliable connection and superior performance.

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