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  • PE-900 Pro Educator 1/2 Mile Advanced Remote Trainer

PE-900 Pro Educator 1/2 Mile Advanced Remote Trainer

by E-Collar Technologies Item #: 1307520-M
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Experience Advanced & Humane Dog Training with PE-900 Pro Educator Remote Trainer!
$289.99 - $539.99$289.99
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Elevate your dog training experience with the PE-900 Pro Educator 1/2 Mile Advanced Remote Trainer. This innovative e-collar, proudly assembled in the USA, is designed with a host of unique features aimed at ensuring safety and effectiveness. It offers a maximum stimulation setting and a lock and set feature that protect your dog from accidental over-stimulation.

Despite its compact size, this e-collar is loaded with capabilities. The transmitter is small for stealth operation, making it perfect for situations that require discretion. The receiver may be small at 2" X 1.5" X 1", and light at 2.4 ounces, but it packs a powerful punch. Even 150-pound dogs with normal temperaments respond to our blunt stimulation.

The PE-900 Pro Educator stands out among other training collars with its unique COS (Control of Stimulation) technology. This provides clean, jerk-free stimulation, making it one of the most humane collars on the market. It also includes a boost feature that offers boosted stimulation from levels 1 to 60.

For those nighttime training sessions, this e-collar comes equipped with a night tracking light. Controlled by the collar transmitter, you can choose to flash or continuously light up the collar receiver, making it easy to locate your dog after dark. Plus, if you ever misplace your transmitter, you can turn on the lost transmitter beeper to help locate it.

Available in 1-Dog, 2-Dog, and 3-Dog models, the PE-900 Pro Educator will transform even the most stubborn dog into a genius. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with this advanced remote trainer. Experience modern, effective, and humane dog training with the PE-900 Pro Educator by E-Collar Technologies.

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PE-900 Pro Educator 1/2 Mile Advanced Remote Trainer Q&A

What is the range of the PE-900 Pro Educator?
The PE-900 Pro Educator offers a 1/2 mile range.
What technology does the e-collar use for stimulation?
The e-collar uses COS (control of stimulation) technology.
Can the PE-900 Pro Educator be used at night?
Yes, the night tracking light feature allows you to locate your dog in the dark.
How can I find my misplaced transmitter?
The lost transmitter beeper feature can help you locate a misplaced transmitter.
Is the e-collar suitable for heavy dogs?
Yes, it is suitable for normal temperament 150-pound dogs.
What type of guarantee does the PE-900 Pro Educator come with?
The product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Where is the PE-900 Pro Educator assembled?
It is proudly assembled in the USA.
What kind of dogs does the PE-900 Pro Educator work best with?
It is great for smart, stubborn dogs that need extra training support.
Does the e-collar cause any head jerking?
No, the COS technology provides clean stimulation without head jerking.
Is the PE-900 Pro Educator suitable for hunting or bird dog training?
Yes, it can be used for hunting, gun dog, or bird dog training.

Item Specifications

Maximum Stimulation Setting & Lock and SetProtects from accidental over-stimulation
Range1/2 mile
Receiver Size2" x 1.5" x 1"
Receiver Weight2.4 ounces
Suitable Dog WeightUp to 150 pounds with normal temperament
COS (Control of Stimulation) TechnologyProvides clean stimulation without head jerking
Boost FeatureBoosted stimulation from 1 to 60
Night Tracking LightControlled by the transmitter for locating dogs
Lost Transmitter BeeperHelps locate misplaced transmitter
Training EffectivenessTurns a smart, stubborn dog into a genius
Satisfaction Guarantee100% satisfaction guaranteed
AssemblyAssembled in the USA
UsesDog training, hunting dog training, gun dog training, bird dog training, ecollar training, and shock collar training

Humane and Effective Dog Training with the PE-900 Pro Educator E-Collar

Introducing the PE-900 Pro Educator, a modern and effective e-collar designed to train your dog with ease while ensuring their safety. This state-of-the-art advanced remote trainer offers a 1/2 mile range, making it an ideal choice for any dog owner looking to improve their pet's behavior.

Equipped with unique features such as maximum stimulation setting, lock and set, and COS (control of stimulation) technology, the PE-900 Pro Educator ensures a clean and safe stimulation method without any head jerking commonly found in other training collars.

Finding your dog at night is no longer a concern with the night tracking light. The transmitter allows you to flash or continuously light up the collar, ensuring you can always locate your dog in the dark. Plus, never lose the transmitter again with the lost transmitter beeper feature.

Turn your smart, stubborn dog into a genius by training them with the PE-900 Pro Educator. This e-collar is suitable for even normal temperament 150-pound dogs with our blunt stimulation.

You can trust in the quality of the PE-900 Pro Educator, as it is proudly assembled in the USA and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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