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  • EZ-904 4-Dog Easy Educator Remote Dog Trainer

EZ-904 4-Dog Easy Educator Remote Dog Trainer

by E-Collar Technologies Item #: 1307345-00904
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Modern Training Collar Ensures Safety and Effectiveness
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The EZ-904 4-Dog Easy Educator Remote Dog Trainer by E-Collar Technologies is an innovative product designed to provide effective and safe dog training solutions. With its modern design, this training collar ensures safety through features like a maximum stimulation setting and 'lock and set', preventing accidental overstimulation of your dog.

This medium-range trainer is packed with unique features, making it the most humane and effective solution for dog training. Its bar-shaped transmitter is designed for easy operation and is small in size, allowing for stealth operation when discretion is required. Despite the small receiver size of 2" X 1.5" X 1" and weighing only 2.4 ounces, it delivers sufficient stimulation for most dogs, with even 150-pound dogs responding to our blunt stimulation.

The EZ-904 utilizes unique COS (control of stimulation) technology to provide clean stimulation, eliminating the common issue of head jerking often seen with other training collars. The boost feature provides adjustable boosted stimulation from levels 1 to 60, allowing you to tailor the stimulation to each dog's needs. The ergonomic and intuitive design of the EZ-904 allows you to focus on observing your dogs rather than the remote. For nighttime use, a tracking light is controlled by the transmitter, allowing you to flash or continuously light up the collar receivers for easy dog locating in the dark.

With the EZ-904 4-Dog Easy Educator Remote Dog Trainer, you can turn a pack of dogs into a pack of geniuses. E-Collar Technologies proudly offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed on this product, which is assembled with pride in the USA. Experience the benefits of a humane, effective and cutting-edge dog training solution with the EZ-904.
  • 1/2 mile Range
  • Employs Quick Charge Li-Polymer Batteries
  • Convenient Intensity Dial for Quick Adjustment
  • Stimulation Levels Adjustable from 0 to 100
  • Collar Receiver Light for Night Tracking
  • “Lock and Set” Stimulation Safety Feature
  • User Adjustable Boosting Levels
  • Patented “I” Mode Provides Instant Stimulation
  • Waterproof and Shock Resistant
  • Specific Control Button for Each Dog

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EZ-904 4-Dog Easy Educator Remote Dog Trainer Q&A

What is the range of the EZ-904 Easy Educator?
The EZ-904 Easy Educator has a 1/2 mile range.
What is the unique COS technology?
COS technology provides clean stimulation without the normal head jerking often found with other training collars.
Can the EZ-904 Easy Educator be used on large dogs?
Yes, even normal temperament 150-pound dogs respond to the EZ-904 Easy Educator's blunt stimulation.
How adjustable are the stimulation levels?
Stimulation levels are adjustable from 0 to 100, allowing for individual customization for each dog.
What is the purpose of the night tracking light?
The night tracking light helps locate your dogs after dark by flashing or continuously lighting up the collar receivers.
What type of batteries does the EZ-904 Easy Educator use?
The EZ-904 Easy Educator employs quick charge Li-Polymer batteries.
How easy is it to adjust the stimulation levels?
The EZ-904 Easy Educator features a convenient intensity dial for quick adjustments.
Is the EZ-904 Easy Educator suitable for discreet training situations?
Yes, the bar-shaped transmitter is small, making it suitable for discreet training when stealth is required.
What is the boost feature?
The boost feature provides boosted stimulation from 1 to 60 and can be tailored individually for each dog.
Is the EZ-904 Easy Educator assembled in the USA?
Yes, the EZ-904 Easy Educator is proudly assembled in the USA and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Item Specifications

Type of TrainerRemote Trainer
Range1/2 mile
BatteryQuick Charge Li-Polymer Batteries
Intensity DialConvenient for quick adjustment
Stimulation LevelsAdjustable from 0 to 100
Collar Receiver LightFor night tracking
"Lock and Set" Safety FeatureProtects from accidental overstimulation
User Adjustable Boosting LevelsBoosted stimulation from 1 to 60
Patented "I" ModeProvides instant stimulation
Waterproof and Shock ResistantSuitable for various environments
Specific Control Button for Each DogAllows individual control for each dog
Assembled LocationUSA
Maximum Stimulation SettingEnsures safety from accidental overstimulation
COS (Control of Stimulation) TechnologyProvides clean stimulation without head jerking
Typical Dog SizeNormal temperament 150-pound dogs
Unique FeaturesDesigned for humane and effective training
Transmitter DesignBar-shaped, small, and well-suited for easy operation

EZ-904 Easy Educator: The Ultimate Remote Dog Trainer

Introducing the EZ-904 Easy Educator, a state-of-the-art remote dog trainer designed for safety and effectiveness. Equipped with unique features such as lock and set protection, this medium-range trainer guarantees the most humane experience for both you and your dog.

The modern and intuitive bar-shaped transmitter ensures easy and discreet operation, while the small receiver packs a punch with clean stimulation that prevents head jerking. Tailor stimulation levels individually for each dog and transform your pets into well-trained geniuses with this exceptional product.

The EZ-904 Easy Educator boasts a night tracking light controlled by the transmitter, perfect for locating your dogs after dark. With a half-mile range, quick charge batteries, and an adjustable intensity dial, you can trust this device to provide unparalleled convenience and effectiveness.

Proudly assembled in the USA, the EZ-904 Easy Educator guarantees 100% satisfaction. Bring home this revolutionary remote dog trainer and experience the difference in training your dogs the humane and effective way.

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