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  • EZ-903 3-Dog Easy Educator Remote Dog Trainer

EZ-903 3-Dog Easy Educator Remote Dog Trainer

by E-Collar Technologies Item #: 1307345-00903
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Train Your Dogs Easily and Humanely
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The E-Collar Technologies' EZ-903 3-Dog Easy Educator Remote Dog Trainer is a state-of-the-art training tool designed to make your dog training efforts more efficient and humane. This innovative device, a 3-Dog version of the acclaimed EZ-900 Easy Educator, is designed with the utmost safety measures to prevent accidental overstimulation of your dogs.

The EZ-903 stands out with its unique COS (Control of Stimulation) technology, offering clean, jerk-free stimulation, a stark contrast to other training collars on the market. It comes with a maximum stimulation setting and a 'lock and set' feature, ensuring your dog's safety at all times. The boost feature can be adjusted from levels 1 to 60, providing individualized stimulation for each dog, making it ideal even for larger dogs up to 150 pounds.

The device is compact and discreet, with a bar-shaped transmitter that is easy to operate. Despite the small receiver size of just 2" X 1.5" X 1" and weighing only 2.4 ounces, it delivers ample stimulation to ensure effective training.

Designed with convenience in mind, the EZ-903 allows you to focus on your dogs rather than the device itself. The ergonomic and intuitive design of the remote makes it easy to handle. It also features a night tracking light, controlled by the transmitter to help you locate your dogs after dark.

Experience the satisfaction of transforming your smart pack of dogs into a pack of geniuses with the EZ-903 Easy Educator. E-Collar Technologies assures you of 100% satisfaction with this product, proudly assembled in the USA. Transform your dog training experience with the EZ-903 3-Dog Easy Educator Remote Dog Trainer - it's truly a game-changer.
  • 1/2 mile Range
  • Employs Quick Charge Li-Polymer Batteries
  • Convenient Intensity Dial for Quick Adjustment
  • Stimulation Levels Adjustable from 0 to 100
  • Collar Receiver Light for Night Tracking
  • “Lock and Set” Stimulation Safety Feature
  • User Adjustable Boosting Levels
  • Patented “I” Mode Provides Instant Stimulation
  • Waterproof and Shock Resistant
  • Specific Control Button for Each Dog

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EZ-903 3-Dog Easy Educator Remote Dog Trainer Q&A

What size of dogs can the EZ-903 be used for?
The EZ-903 is suitable for all dog sizes, including normal temperament 150-pound dogs.
What is COS technology?
COS (control of stimulation) technology provides clean stimulation without the head jerking movement often found in other training collars.
Can I use the EZ-903 for more than three dogs?
Yes, the EZ-903 can be expanded to a 4-Dog system by adding a 4th collar receiver.
What range does the EZ-903 cover?
The EZ-903 is a medium-range trainer.
Is the EZ-903 discreet for use in public?
Yes, the bar-shaped transmitter is small and well-suited for discreet operation.
Why choose the EZ-903 over other remote trainers?
The EZ-903 is a humane and effective trainer, with unique features such as COS technology and expandable collar options.
What is the boost feature?
The boost feature provides boosted stimulation from 1 to 60, individually tailored for each dog.
What is the satisfaction guarantee?
The EZ-903 comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Can I locate my dogs in the dark?
Yes, the EZ-903 includes a night tracking light feature to help you locate your dogs after dark.
Where is the EZ-903 assembled?
The EZ-903 is proudly assembled in the USA.

Item Specifications

ModelEZ-903 3-Dog Easy Educator Remote Trainer
ExpandabilityExpandable to a 4-Dog system with additional collar receiver
Safety FeaturesMaximum stimulation setting and 'lock and set'
Range1/2 mile
BatteryQuick Charge Li-Polymer Batteries
Intensity DialConvenient for quick adjustments
Stimulation LevelsAdjustable from 0 to 100
Collar Receiver LightNight tracking and location
Boost FeatureUser adjustable boosting levels 1 to 60
Patented "I" ModeInstant stimulation
Water and Shock ResistanceWaterproof and shock resistant
Control ButtonSpecific button for each dog
AssembledProudly assembled in the USA
Satisfaction Guaranteed100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Suitable forGun dog training, hunting dog training, ecollar training, etc.

EZ-903 Easy Educator 3-Dog Remote Trainer - Humane and Effective Dog Training

Introducing the EZ-903 Easy Educator, a 3-Dog remote trainer designed with your canine's safety in mind. With unique features and COS technology, experience a clean, humane, and effective method of training for multiple dogs.

The bar-shaped transmitter is discreet and easy to operate, while the small receiver size packs a punch, even for larger dogs. The innovative COS technology ensures your dog does not experience head jerking commonly associated with other collars.

Never lose sight of your dogs after dark with the EZ-903's night tracking light feature. Flash or continuously light up the collar receivers to easily locate your dogs.

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