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  • K9-800 K9 Handler 1 Mile Trainer With 33" Bungee Collar

K9-800 K9 Handler 1 Mile Trainer With 33" Bungee Collar

by E-Collar Technologies Item #: 1307480-M
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Upgrade Your Dog Training With the K9-800 K9 Handler 1 Mile Trainer
$319.99 - $459.99$319.99
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Unleash the potential of your beloved pet with the revolutionary K9-800 K9 Handler 1 Mile Trainer. Designed by the renowned E-Collar Technologies, this tactical e-collar, fondly referred to as "The Boss", offers a blend of technology, durability, and versatility, making it a perfect training tool for your dog.

The K9-800 K9 Handler 1 Mile Trainer boasts an impressive range of one mile, allowing you to train your dog and maintain control even at a distance. This feature is especially beneficial for active, outdoorsy dog owners who love to take their pets for long walks, hikes, or field training.

One of the key features of this trainer is the 33" bungee collar. This stretchy, adjustable collar ensures a comfortable and secure fit for your dog. It provides just the right amount of tug, reducing pressure on your dog's neck while still providing the control you need.

The K9-800 K9 Handler 1 Mile Trainer also comes equipped with thick hair contact points. These points are particularly useful for breeds with thick fur, such as German Shepherds, Dobermans, or Belgian Malinois. However, if your dog has a thinner coat, you have the flexibility to substitute the provided contact points with ones that are more suitable.

Moreover, the K9-800 K9 Handler 1 Mile Trainer is available in two model options - the 1-Dog Model and the 2-Dog Model. This allows you to choose the version that best suits your needs, whether you're training a single dog or managing a dynamic duo.

In conclusion, the K9-800 K9 Handler 1 Mile Trainer with a 33" Bungee Collar is not just a tool, but a game-changer in your dog training journey. It’s not only about control but also about cultivating a stronger bond with your pet.
  • Range - 1 mile
  • Three stimulation modes supported (Momentary, Continuous, and Combo Mode)
  • Tapping sensation or tone stimulation (Pavlovian conditioning)
  • Quick charge Li-Polymer batteries
  • Convenient intensity dial for quick adjustment
  • Stimulation levels adjustable from 0 - 100
  • Collar receiver light for locating your dog at night
  • Lock and set stimulation safety feature
  • Stimulation boosting mode provides instant control when normal stimulation is ignored - great for emergency situations
  • User adjustable boosting levels from 1 to 60 levels
  • Completely waterproof

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K9-800 K9 Handler 1 Mile Trainer With 33" Bungee Collar Q&A

Does the K9-800 K9 Handler come with a bungee collar?
Yes, it comes with a 33" bungee collar.
What type of dogs is this training collar suitable for?
It is generally designed for German Shepherd dogs and working dogs like the Doberman or Belgian Malinois.
What is the range of the K9-800 K9 Handler?
The collar has a 1-mile range.
What are the three stimulation modes available?
The collar offers momentary, continuous, and combo mode stimulation.
What type of batteries does the K9-800 K9 Handler use?
The collar uses quick-charge Li-Polymer batteries.
Can I adjust the stimulation levels?
Yes, stimulation levels are adjustable from 0 - 100.
Is the K9-800 K9 Handler waterproof?
Yes, it is completely waterproof.
Does the collar have a light for locating the dog at night?
Yes, it comes with a collar receiver light for nighttime locating.
Does the K9-800 K9 Handler offer a safety feature for stimulation?
Yes, it has a lock and set stimulation safety feature.
Can the contact points be changed for dogs with thinner coats?
Yes, you may substitute the provided contact points for more suitable ones if needed.

Item Specifications

ProductK9-800 K9 Handler 1 Mile Trainer With 33" Bungee Collar
NicknameThe Boss
Collar TypeTactical e-collar with bungee collar
Contact PointsThick hair contact points (suitable for German Shepherd dogs, Doberman, Belgian Malinois)
Range1 mile
Stimulation ModesMomentary, Continuous, Combo Mode
Other FeaturesTapping sensation or tone stimulation (Pavlovian conditioning), quick charge Li-Polymer batteries, intensity dial, adjustable stimulation levels (0-100), collar receiver light, lock and set stimulation safety, stimulation boosting mode, user adjustable boosting levels (1-60 levels), waterproof
Types of TrainingDog training collar, bird dog training, gun dog training collar, hunting dog training, shock collar for dogs, ecollar for dogs

K9-800 K9 Handler 1 Mile Trainer: High-Quality Training for Your Dog

The K9-800 K9 Handler 1 Mile Trainer is an innovative and powerful dog training tool with a convenient 33" bungee collar, designed for professional trainers and handlers. With the 1-mile range and three stimulation modes (momentary, continuous, and combo mode), you can effectively communicate with your dog and achieve your desired results.

Equipped with a tapping sensation and tone stimulation feature, this training collar encourages Pavlovian conditioning, ensuring better learning and behavior retention. Also, the quick charge Li-Polymer batteries allow for a seamless and uninterrupted training session, so you can focus more on your dog and less on charging.

The K9-800 K9 Handler ensures safety with its lock and set stimulation feature, while also providing an instant control boosting mode for emergency situations. With user-adjustable boosting levels from 1 to 60 levels, you can appreciate the versatility and customizability of this collar.

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