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  • Dogtra, Cue, Green

Dogtra, Cue, Green

by Dogtra Item #: 1113701-02087
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Effortless Remote Training with Dogtra CUE Green
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CUE Green Remote Training Collar is the perfect solution to effortless off-leash training. This state-of-the-art device comes equipped with a large LCD screen and a prominent main button, ensuring that you can easily deliver commands even in the most demanding training environments.

The Dogtra CUE Green offers a range of training modes including Nick, Continuous and Pager Vibration. These modes provide you with the flexibility to customize your training approach to suit your pet's unique needs and temperament.

This remote training collar also features a unique BOOST function. This function allows you to quickly increase the stimulation level to instantly get your dog's attention when needed.

The Dogtra CUE Green is not just about functionality. Its minimalistic design and vibrant green hue make a stylish statement. Plus, with its unique carabiner hook, you can easily attach the remote to your belt or bag for on-the-go training sessions.

Make your dog training journey seamless and efficient with the Dogtra CUE Green Remote Training Collar. It's not just a training device, but a tool to build a stronger bond with your dog.
  • 0-24 training levels with customizable BOOST
  • LCD Screen Display
  • Carabiner Hook
  • Safety Level Lock
  • Plastic Contact Points for sensitive skin dogs
  • Expandable up to 3 dogs
  • Unique level setting and training function for each dog
  • Wear two ways collar (vertical and horizontal)
  • 400-Yard Range
  • Nick, Constant, and Non-Stimulating Pager Vibration
  • Low to Medium Power Stimulation
  • Fully Waterproof Receiver
  • For Dogs as Small as 10 lbs.

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Dogtra, Cue, Green Q&A

What is the range of the Dogtra CUE collar?
The Dogtra CUE collar has a range of 400 yards.
Is the Dogtra CUE collar waterproof?
Yes, the receiver of the Dogtra CUE collar is fully waterproof.
Which functions does the Dogtra CUE collar offer?
The Dogtra CUE collar features Nick, Continuous, and Pager Vibration.
How many dogs can I train with the Dogtra CUE system?
The Dogtra CUE system is expandable and can accommodate up to 3 dogs.
Which types of dogs is the Dogtra CUE collar suitable for?
The Dogtra CUE collar is suitable for dogs as small as 10 lbs and offers low to medium power stimulation.
Is the Dogtra CUE collar comfortable for dogs to wear?
Yes, the collar is designed to be worn two ways (vertical and horizontal) for added comfort.
What is the BOOST function on the Dogtra CUE collar?
The BOOST function allows for a quick level increase to get your dog's attention during training.
How many training levels does the Dogtra CUE collar offer?
The Dogtra CUE collar offers 0-24 customizable training levels.
What is the size of the LCD screen on the Dogtra CUE collar?
The Dogtra CUE collar features a big LCD screen for easy viewing.
What is the purpose of the carabiner hook on the Dogtra CUE collar?
The carabiner hook allows for easy attachment and portability during on-the-go training sessions.

Item Specifications

DesignMinimalistic, compact
Unique FeatureCarabiner hook
ScreenBig LCD screen display
Main ButtonBig, front-facing
Training ModesNick, Continuous, Pager Vibration
BOOST FunctionCustomizable, quick level increase
Training Levels0-24, customizable
Safety FeatureSafety Level Lock
Contact Points MaterialPlastic, for sensitive skin dogs
ExpandabilityUp to 3 dogs
Unique Level Setting & FunctionFor each dog
Collar Wear OptionsVertical and horizontal
Stimulation LevelLow to Medium Power Stimulation
Receiver WaterproofFully Waterproof
Suitable Dog SizeAs small as 10 lbs.

Transform Off-Leash Dog Training with the Feature-packed Dogtra CUE Green Collar

Upgrade your off-leash dog training experience with the sleek and functional Dogtra CUE Green Remote Training Collar. Its minimalistic design and carabiner hook make it perfect for on-the-go training sessions.

The Dogtra CUE comes equipped with a big LCD screen and a front-facing main button, allowing for effortless handling and cueing on command. Ensure effective communication with your canine companion through various functions, including Nick, Continuous, and Pager Vibration.

Customize your dog's training with 0-24 levels and a unique BOOST function for quick level increases. Safely train multiple dogs with the expandable system that accommodates up to three canines, providing individualized settings for each.

Experience reliable and uninterrupted training with the 400-yard range, fully waterproof receiver, and safety level lock. The Dogtra CUE is suitable for dogs as small as 10 lbs and features a wearable two ways collar (vertical and horizontal) for your dog's comfort.

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