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  • Dogtra, Cue Additional Receiver

Dogtra, Cue Additional Receiver

by Dogtra Item #: 1113702-M
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Enhance Dog Training with Versatile, Waterproof Dogtra Cue Additional Receiver with 400-Yard Range
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Boost the effectiveness of your dog training sessions with the Dogtra Cue Additional Receiver. This versatile device is the perfect addition to your dog training equipment, designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing CUE system.

The receiver collar features plastic contact points that are safe and comfortable for your pet, ensuring their well-being is never compromised during training. Its waterproof feature makes it suitable for any weather conditions, allowing you to continue training whether it's rain or shine.

Take your training sessions to the next level with the impressive 400-yard range, giving you the flexibility to train your canine companion from a distance. The receiver collar is uniquely designed to be worn vertically or horizontally, providing convenience and adaptability to suit your pet's comfort.

The power button is user-friendly, ensuring quick and easy operation. With this receiver, you can add another dog to your training sessions, making it an excellent option for multi-dog households.

The Dogtra Cue Additional Receiver is not only compatible with CUE but also with iQ series, 200C, and 280C Transmitters, offering you maximum versatility.

Choose from color options of Black, Yellow, and Green to suit your personal style or match your pet's personality.

Get the Dogtra Cue Additional Receiver and enhance your training techniques for a more obedient, well-behaved pet.

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Dogtra, Cue Additional Receiver Q&A

What is the range of the Dogtra Cue Additional Receiver collar?
The collar has a 400-yard range.
Is the additional receiver compatible with iQ series transmitters?
Yes, it is compatible with iQ series, 200C, and 280C transmitters.
Can the collar be worn both vertically and horizontally?
Yes, it has the ability to be worn vertically or horizontally.
Are the contact points on the collar made of plastic?
Yes, the contact points are made of plastic for added comfort.
Is the additional receiver waterproof?
Yes, it is waterproof for training in various conditions.
How do I power on the additional receiver?
It has a power button for easy operation.
Does the Dogtra Cue Additional Receiver work with 200C and 280C transmitters?
Yes, it is compatible with both 200C and 280C transmitters.
Is this additional receiver suitable for professional trainers?
Yes, it is ideal for both professional trainers and pet owners.
Do I need to purchase anything else for the additional receiver to work?
The additional receiver is designed to be used with compatible transmitters such as the iQ series, 200C, and 280C models.
What kind of benefits does the Dogtra Cue Additional Receiver provide?
This additional receiver offers versatile and efficient training options, compatibility with various transmitters, and ease of use for both professional trainers and pet owners.

Item Specifications

ProductCue Additional Receiver
TypeCollar, Training Collar
CompatibilityiQ series, 200C and 280C Transmitters
MaterialPlastic contact points
Wearing OptionsVertically or Horizontally
Power ButtonYes |+

Dogtra Cue Additional Receiver: Enhance Your Dog Training Experience

Introducing the Dogtra Cue Additional Receiver collar, a must-have accessory for effective and effortless dog training. This receiver is designed to provide you with unparalleled performance and ease of use, ensuring a successful training experience for you and your pet.

The Dogtra Cue Additional Receiver is equipped with useful features such as waterproof construction, a 400-yard range, and the option to be worn either vertically or horizontally. This makes it a versatile and effective tool for training your dog in various settings and conditions.

Compatibility is an essential factor when choosing a training collar, and the Dogtra Cue Additional Receiver does not disappoint. It is designed to work seamlessly with iQ series, 200C, and 280C transmitters, providing you with a versatile and functional training system.

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