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  • Dogtra, Edge RT
  • Dogtra, Edge RT
  • Dogtra, Edge RT
  • Dogtra, Edge RT
  • Dogtra, Edge RT
  • Dogtra, Edge RT
  • Dogtra, Edge RT
  • Dogtra, Edge RT
  • Dogtra, Edge RT
  • Dogtra, Edge RT

Dogtra, Edge RT

by Dogtra Item #: 1113055-02047
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EDGE RT: Superior Dog Training for Professionals and Serious Amateurs
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The Dogtra EDGE RT is a highly effective training tool for both professional trainers and serious amateurs. This cutting-edge training collar is designed to handle the most challenging training environments, offering a simple solution to complex training scenarios.

The EDGE RT transmitter is designed for one-hand operation, allowing you to maintain constant focus on your dog during training. With 8 levels of Nick and Constant stimulation, and Combination Buttons, this dog training collar provides a broad spectrum of stimulation suitable for every dog and every training situation.

The Dogtra EDGE RT e-collar is a robust and fully waterproof device, ensuring durability in all weather conditions. It comes with a receiver/collar and a uniquely designed tube-shaped transmitter with a 1-mile range, making it one of the best gun dog training collars on the market.

The expandability feature is a standout, allowing control of up to 3 dogs, making this the best training collar for stubborn dogs or multi-dog households. The tube-shaped transmitter is thoughtfully designed to fit in your hand for seamless one-handed operation, a critical feature when managing multiple dogs.

The receiver/collar is fitted with 5/8" surgical stainless steel contact points, which can be replaced with longer 3/4” contact points for dogs with thick or long coats, ensuring effective communication regardless of your dog's breed or coat type.

The Dogtra EDGE RT offers a blend of power, ranging from low to high, making it adaptable to your dog's sensitivity and tolerance. In conclusion, the Dogtra EDGE RT is a superior dog training tool, designed with serious trainers in mind. Its versatility, durability, and unique features make it the best Dogtra e-collar and shock collar for professional and serious amateur trainers. Experience the best in dog training with Dogtra EDGE RT.
  • Stimulation/Combination buttons
  • User Expandable to a three-dog system
  • 'Nick' and 'Constant' stimulation along with a non-stimulating pager/vibration
  • Rechargeable 2-hour rapid-charge Lithium Polymer battery
  • Low to High power stimulation
  • Fully waterproof transmitter and receiver/collar
  • Intensity selection dial stimulation level (1-8)
  • 1-mile range
  • Extendable contact points (5/8" to 3/4")

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Dogtra, Edge RT Q&A

What is the Dogtra EDGE RT designed for?
The Dogtra EDGE RT is designed for advanced, professional, and serious amateur dog training.
What is unique about the EDGE RT transmitter?
The tube-shaped transmitter allows for one-handed, 'no look' operation, enabling you to focus on your dog during training.
What is the range of the Dogtra EDGE RT e-collar?
The e-collar has a 1-mile range for efficient training and control.
How many dogs can the EDGE RT system handle?
The Dogtra EDGE RT is expandable up to 3 dogs, allowing for multiple dog control during training.
What stimulation options does the training system offer?
It offers 8 levels of Nick and Constant stimulation, Combination Buttons, and a non-stimulating pager/vibration feature.
What type of battery does the EDGE RT use?
The system uses a rechargeable 2-hour rapid-charge Lithium Polymer battery.
Are the transmitter and receiver/collar waterproof?
Yes, both the transmitter and receiver/collar are fully waterproof.
What is the stimulation intensity range?
The Dogtra EDGE RT features a selection dial stimulation level ranging from 1-8, providing low to high power stimulation.
Can the contact points be adjusted for different dog coats?
Yes, the 5/8" surgical stainless steel contact points can be extended to 3/4" for dogs with thick or long coats.
Is the Dogtra EDGE RT suitable for stubborn dogs?
Yes, the wide range of stimulation options makes it suitable for training stubborn dogs.

Item Specifications

ModelEdge RT
Intended UserProfessional trainers and serious amateurs
Operation'No look' one-hand operation
Stimulation Levels8 levels of Nick and Constant stimulation
Combination ButtonsAvailable for various training situations
Receiver/CollarDurable, fully waterproof
Transmitter DesignTube-shaped, designed for one-handed operation
Range1-mile range
ExpandabilityUp to 3-dog expandability
Contact Points5/8" surgical stainless steel, extendable to 3/4"
Stimulation Types'Nick', 'Constant', and non-stimulating pager/vibration
BatteryRechargeable 2-hour rapid-charge Lithium Polymer battery
Stimulation PowerLow to High power stimulation
Stimulation Level ControlIntensity selection dial (1-8)

Dogtra EDGE RT - Elevate Your Dog Training Experience

The Dogtra EDGE RT is a state-of-the-art training system designed to cater to the needs of professional trainers and serious amateurs alike, providing the perfect solution to even the most complex training scenarios. Equipped with a waterproof receiver/collar and durable transmitter, it is built to withstand the most demanding training environments.

Experience unparalleled ease and efficiency in dog training with the EDGE RT's 'no look' one-handed operation feature, allowing you to maintain focus on your dog at all times. The system offers a wide range of stimulation options, including 8 levels of Nick and Constant stimulation and Combination Buttons, ensuring a suitable stimulation for every dog and every situation.

The premium Dogtra EDGE RT e-collar boasts a 1-mile range and up to 3-dog expandability, making it ideal for multiple dog control in professional and advanced training setups. Its tube-shaped transmitter and Selector Step Dial enable seamless stimulation control that fits perfectly into your hand.

Ensure the comfort and safety of your dog with the EDGE RT receiver/collar's 5/8" surgical stainless steel contact points, which can be extended to 3/4" for dogs with thicker or longer coats. Enjoy the convenience of a 2-hour rapid-charge Lithium Polymer battery and fully waterproof transmitter and receiver/collar components.

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