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  • Dogtra, ARC Additional Receiver

Dogtra, ARC Additional Receiver

by Dogtra Item #: 1113061-02046
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Boost Your Dog Training Efficiency with Dogtra ARC Additional Receiver with Vibrant Orange Collar Strap
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The Dogtra ARC Additional Receiver is an exceptional upgrade for your Dogtra ARC System. This additional or replacement receiver is designed to seamlessly integrate with your current Dogtra ARC models, enhancing the efficiency and functionality of your dog training equipment. The ARC Additional Receiver comes with an eye-catching ORANGE collar strap, adding a touch of vibrancy and visibility to your pet's training gear. This product, also referred to as the Dogtra ARC add-on receiver or Dogtra ARC additional collar, is specifically built to ensure your Dogtra ARC system is always ready to assist in the training process. It also serves as a reliable replacement collar for the Dogtra ARC, ensuring that your system is never out of commission due to a lost or damaged receiver.

The uniqueness of the Dogtra ARC Additional Receiver lies in its easy integration and color-coded design which allows for effortless identification. It truly stands out as a necessary addition to your Dogtra ARC system, making it more versatile and efficient. Upgrade your Dogtra ARC system today with the ARC Additional Receiver and experience the difference in your pet's training routine.
  • Receiver with an ORANGE strap
  • One 5-5 splitter cable

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Dogtra, ARC Additional Receiver Q&A

What is the purpose of the Dogtra ARC Additional Receiver?
The Dogtra ARC Additional Receiver allows you to expand or upgrade your Dogtra ARC System for increased control and versatility.
Which collar strap color does the additional receiver come with?
The additional receiver comes with an orange collar strap.
Is the Dogtra ARC Additional Receiver compatible with other electronic collar systems?
This additional receiver is specifically designed for compatibility with Dogtra ARC Electronic Collars.
What is included with the additional receiver?
It comes with an orange collar strap and a 5-5 splitter cable.
How does the additional receiver benefit my Dogtra ARC System?
Adding an additional receiver increases control and flexibility in your training sessions.
Can the additional receiver be used as a replacement?
Yes, it can be used to replace a lost or damaged receiver in your Dogtra ARC System.
What is the 5-5 splitter cable used for?
The 5-5 splitter cable is included for your convenience when connecting multiple receivers or other accessories.
Can I add more than one additional receiver to my Dogtra ARC System?
Yes, multiple additional receivers can be added to the system for expanded control.
Is the orange collar strap interchangeable with other colors?
While the receiver comes with an orange collar strap, you can choose to replace it with another color strap if desired.
Are the additional receivers suitable for all dog breeds?
Yes, the Dogtra ARC Additional Receivers can be used with various dog breeds as it fits into the Dogtra ARC Electronic Collar System.

Item Specifications

Product TypeARC Additional Receiver
Compatible withDogtra ARC
Strap ColorOrange
Included Components5-5 Splitter Cable
Product VariationsAdd a Collar, Add on Receiver, Additional Collar, Replacement Collar
CategoryElectronic Collars

Expand Your Dogtra ARC System with an Additional Receiver

Elevate your Dogtra ARC System by adding an additional receiver to increase control and versatility. This add-on receiver comes with an orange collar strap, making it easy to identify and differentiate from other collars.

The Dogtra ARC Additional Receiver is specifically designed to be compatible with Dogtra ARC Electronic Collars and includes a 5-5 splitter cable for your convenience. Perfect for expanding your system or replacing a lost or damaged receiver.

Upgrade your Dogtra ARC experience by incorporating a second receiver for enhanced control and flexibility over your training sessions. The added receiver features an orange collar strap and all the dependability of Dogtra electronic collars.

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