• DT Systems, H2O 1820 Plus Series Electronic Collar System

DT Systems, H2O 1820 Plus Series Electronic Collar System

by DT Systems Item #: 1008310-32401
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The H2O 1820 PLUS has an 1800-yard (1 mile) range and comes with a completely waterproof and rechargeable (Ni-MH batteries) transmitter and collar units. The transmitter has a NEW No-Slip/Soft-Grip rubber coating and will actually FLOAT ON WATER! 16 levels of Nick and Continuous Stimulations come standard. DT System's Vibration feature is available in the H20 1820 PLUS.

Vibration is a great feature with many different applications. Many of DT System's competitors use a tone feature that makes the collar unit emit a quiet beep. DT Systems feel that Vibration is a more effective alternative because your dog is the only dog that will feel the vibration (other dogs can hear your dog's tone and your dog may hear another dog's tone command, which may cause confusion). Like most humans, most dogs will also lose their hearing as they get older so it will become increasingly difficult for them to hear the audible tone, but they will always be able to feel the Vibration feature. Also, your dog will be able to feel the vibration when the collar unit is submersed under water if he ever decides to go swimming. The tone from other collars may not be heard if the collar is underwater. Depending on how you train with it, Vibration can be a warning, a command, a way to get your dog's attention, a substitution for stimulation (especially for sensitive dogs), or even a reward just to name a few uses.
  • 1 mile (1600 m) range
  • 16 levels of Gentle Touch™ Nick and Continuous stimulation
  • Vibration Assist (No Shock Alternative) and Vib+Stim Training options
  • Collar and Transmitter/Remote are RECHARGEABLE
  • 100% WATERPROOF Collar adjusts from 8″ to 25″ to fit most dogs necks
  • 100% WATERPROOF FLOATING transmitter
  • MAXX-Range 360™ Internal FM Antenna System embedded in collar belt
  • Built-in safety shutoff with Smart LED Low battery charge indicatory
  • Expandable to two or three dog units with additional Add-On collars

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