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  • SportDog, FS-825, FieldSentinal 825
  • SportDog, FS-825, FieldSentinal 825
  • SportDog, FS-825, FieldSentinal 825
  • SportDog, FS-825, FieldSentinal 825
  • SportDog, FS-825, FieldSentinal 825
  • SportDog, FS-825, FieldSentinal 825

SportDog, FS-825, FieldSentinal 825

by SportDog Brand Item #: 901220-17808
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Train & Protect High-Energy Dogs with SportDOG's FieldSentinel 825 & BodyGuard Tech
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Meet the SportDOG Brand FieldSentinel 825, equipped with pioneering BodyGuard technology – a revolutionary remote trainer designed to not only train but also safeguard the health of high-drive dogs. These energetic canines, often single-minded in their pursuit of birds, may overlook their own well-being. BodyGuard technology steps in as a vigilant guardian, offering real-time health monitoring and crucial alerts. This is akin to having a 'check engine' light, but for your dog, ensuring their safety during the hunt.

The FieldSentinel 825 boasts a rugged and waterproof design, ensuring durability in harsh field conditions. It offers an impressive half-mile range for commanding control over distances, perfect for expansive outdoor environments. The device is equipped with lithium-ion batteries, featuring a rapid 2-hour charge and indicators for low battery, ensuring you're always ready for training sessions.

Training flexibility is at the forefront with the FS-825, offering a range of stimuli including tone, vibration, and seven levels of static stimulation. This allows for a tailored approach to training, catering to the specific needs and responses of your dog. The device is waterproof and submersible up to three feet, making it ideal for training in varied terrains and weather conditions.

Customization is key with the FS-825. The health alert thresholds are adjustable, allowing you to fine-tune the sensitivity of the alerts to your dog’s specific condition. This ensures that you are notified only when necessary, avoiding unnecessary interruptions. The device also offers a broad range of stimulation options, with seven instantly selectable static stimulation levels from the remote. For more precise control, these levels can be expanded to 21, divided into low, medium, and high ranges, ensuring the perfect level of stimulation for your dog's training needs.

The FS-825's button functions are also customizable, providing options for continuous, momentary, and rising static stimulation, as well as tone and vibration. This flexibility enables you to adapt the training to your unique methods and your dog’s learning style.

Designed for expansion, the system can accommodate up to two dogs with an additional collar, allowing for seamless switching between dogs via a toggle on the remote. This feature is especially useful for trainers or owners of multiple dogs.

The FS-825 is suitable for a wide range of dog sizes, catering to those weighing 8 pounds or larger, with neck sizes ranging from 5" to 22". The rechargeable batteries ensure a long-lasting 24 hours per charge, making it a reliable tool for extensive training sessions.

In terms of dimensions, the collar without the strap measures 3.7"L X 1.96"W X 1.53"D, while the remote with antenna is 5.15"L X 2.1"W X 1.22" D, making both components compact and easy to handle during training activities.

  • Remote Transmitter with Removable Antenna
  • Receiver on Black 1" Collar Strap
  • Charging Cords
  • Test Light Tool
  • Lanyard
  • Belt Clip
  • Carabiner
  • Replacement Mud Plugs
  • Quick Start Guide

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