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  • DT Systems, R.A.P.T. 1400, Black

DT Systems, R.A.P.T. 1400, Black

by DT Systems Item #: 1008365-01220
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Revolutionize Your Dog Training with R.A.P.T. 1400
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DT Systems has outdone itself with the R.A.P.T. 1400, the best dog shock collar in the market. This sleek and stylish black device is not just a collar but a comprehensive system for training your dogs.

What sets the R.A.P.T. 1400 apart from other DT dog collars is its unique curved transmitter. This design allows for maximum convenience with multiple grip positions - the Knuckle Grip, Palm Grip, and the traditional Pistol Grip. This feature ensures your hands are free for other tasks while training your dog - a perfect blend of control and comfort.

But the features don't stop there. The R.A.P.T. 1400 comes with a Rapid Access button for quick corrections. A slight thumb press is all you need to get your dog's attention, making training sessions more efficient.

The R.A.P.T. 1400 is the perfect solution for households with multiple dogs. The system can accommodate up to three dogs, making it a cost-effective option.

The collar itself is small, lightweight, and adjustable, ensuring a comfortable fit for any dog, big or small. Plus, it's waterproof and rechargeable, ensuring durability and longevity. It even comes with a floating transmitter, making it ideal for training near water bodies.

In essence, the R.A.P.T. 1400 is more than just a dog shock collar. It's a flexible, efficient, and innovative dog training system designed to revolutionize the way you train your dogs. Upgrade to the R.A.P.T. 1400 by DT Systems and experience the difference.
  • Adjustable R.A.P.T. strap-on transmitter offers a secure and comfortable fit
  • "Rapid Access" button can be programmed for Nick (1/2 second stimulation), Continuous (up to 8-second stimulation), or Vibration Assist™ (vibration only)
  • Expandable to 2-dog or 3-dog system with R.A.P.T. Add-On collars (Easily adjustable switch on transmitter)
  • 1400 Yard (3/4 Mile) Range
  • 16 intensity levels of Nick and Continuous stimulations adjusted from the dial on the Transmitter/Remote
  • Nick, Continuous, Vibration Assist™, and Jump stimulations
  • MAXX-Range 360™ Internal Collar Antenna System for 360-degree signal reception in all-terrain conditions
  • Extra mild Gentle Touch™ Stimulation System
  • Transmitter "Lockout™" feature prevents accidental button activation or stimulation
  • New Lightweight, Compact Collar design, rechargeable NiMH battery, and completely Waterproof
  • Built-in Magnetic ON/OFF system
  • Waterproof FLOATING Transmitter/Remote uses 9V battery (not included)
  • Fits small to large dogs (7" to 22" neck size)

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DT Systems, R.A.P.T. 1400, Black Q&A

Can the R.A.P.T. 1400 system be used with multiple dogs?
Yes, the system can be expanded to accommodate 2 or 3 dogs.
Is the collar unit waterproof?
Yes, the collar is waterproof.
What size dogs can the collar fit?
The collar fits small to large dogs.
Is the transmitter water-resistant?
Yes, the transmitter floats on water.
Does the system come with a rechargeable collar?
Yes, the collar is rechargeable.
What is the purpose of the Rapid Access button?
The Rapid Access button allows for quick corrections during training.
What makes the transmitter design unique?
The curved design and strap allow for multiple grip positions.
How heavy is the collar unit?
The collar unit is lightweight and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.
Can the R.A.P.T. 1400 be used for water-based training?
Yes, the waterproof collar and floating transmitter make it suitable for water-based training.
Who is the manufacturer of the R.A.P.T. 1400?
The R.A.P.T. 1400 is made by DT Systems.

Item Specifications

BrandDT Systems
ModelR.A.P.T. 1400
DesignCurved transmitter with strap for multiple grip positions
Rapid Access buttonProvides quick corrections
ExpandabilityCan expand to a 2-dog or 3-dog system
Collar unitSmall, lightweight, fits in the palm of your hand
Collar featuresWaterproof, rechargeable, fits small to large dogs
Transmitter Water-resistanceFLOATS on water

R.A.P.T. 1400: Advanced Remote Dog Training at Your Fingertips

Experience a new way to train your canine companion with the innovative R.A.P.T. 1400 remote dog trainer from DT Systems. Its curved transmitter design and strap offer multiple grip positions, giving you unrivaled control and comfort.

With the Rapid Access button, you can deliver quick corrections to your dog, ensuring a streamlined and effective training process. The system is also expandable to accommodate up to two or three dogs, making it perfect for multi-dog households.

The compact collar unit is not only lightweight and designed to fit in the palm of your hand, but it is also waterproof and rechargeable. Suitable for small to large dogs, this versatile collar ensures a comfortable and secure fit.

Don't worry about potential water damage when training near bodies of water, as the R.A.P.T. 1400 transmitter floats, making it easy to retrieve and preventing possible submersion issues.

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