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  • DT Systems, Master Retriever 1100, Black

DT Systems, Master Retriever 1100, Black

by DT Systems Item #: 1008373-13375
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Master Retriever 1100: Built for Tough Training Conditions
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The Master Retriever 1100, Black is an exceptional product in the realm of remote dog training collars. This state-of-the-art electronic collar is specifically designed for hunting and retriever training, providing a robust and reliable solution for training your canine companions in demanding conditions.

Engineered by the industry's leading brand, DT Systems, Inc., the Master Retriever 1100 is built to withstand the toughest of terrains and the harshest weather conditions. Its 100% waterproof feature ensures optimal performance in rain or shine, making it ideal for field or marsh training sessions.

The Master Retriever 1100 boasts an impressive range of 1,100 yards, allowing you to maintain control over your dog even from a distance. It offers 16 levels of e-Stim, providing the flexibility to adjust the intensity of static correction based on your dog's specific training needs. This ensures a humane and effective training process.

In addition, the Master Retriever 1100 is expandable to a 2-dog or 3-dog system with a simple turn of a dial and the addition of the DT Systems, Master Retriever 1100, Add-On Collar Receiver (sold separately), making it a versatile tool for multi-dog households or professional training scenarios.

But what truly sets this e-collar apart is its Vibration Assist mode. This feature offers a non-stimulating alternative for reinforcement, adding another layer of training dimension.

Despite its robust features, the Master Retriever 1100 is compact and lightweight, ensuring it doesn't impede your dog's movement. This makes it a comfortable and practical tool for any training session.

In summary, the DT Systems Master Retriever 1100, Black is more than just a training collar - it is an investment in your dog's discipline, safety, and overall well-being. It's the ultimate training tool for serious dog trainers, hunters, and handlers, offering durability, reliability, and versatility in the most challenging conditions.
  • 1100 Yard Range with compact antenna technology
  • MAXX-Range 360™ Internal Collar Antenna System
  • Fully Waterproof Transmitter-Remote (uses 9v Battery)
  • 16 intensity levels of Gentle Touch™ Nick and Continuous e-Stim
  • Vibration Assist™ (No Shock Vibration training stimulus)
  • Built in Magnetic ON/OFF system
  • Compact, lightweight, 100% waterproof collar is fully rechargeable
  • Collar adjusts from 7” to 22” in ½” increments & weighs only 4.7oz
  • Expandable to 2-dog or 3-dog system (with easy turn dial)
  • Add on collars available (Black, Camo, Orange or Green collar choice)
  • DT Systems Limited Lifetime Warranty

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DT Systems, Master Retriever 1100, Black Q&A

What is the range of the Master Retriever 1100?
The Master Retriever 1100 has an 1100-yard range.
Is the Master Retriever 1100 waterproof?
Yes, both the collar and transmitter are 100% waterproof.
What levels of stimulation does the Master Retriever 1100 offer?
It offers 16 levels of e-Stim (Gentle Touch Nick and Continuous).
Does the Master Retriever 1100 have a Vibration Assist mode?
Yes, it includes Vibration Assist which is a No Shock Vibration training stimulus.
How do I turn on the Master Retriever 1100?
It has a built-in Magnetic ON/OFF system for easy operation.
How much does the Master Retriever 1100 collar weigh?
The collar weighs only 4.7oz.
Can I expand the Master Retriever 1100 to train multiple dogs?
Yes, it can be expanded to support up to 2 or 3 dogs.
What are the color options for add-on collars?
The collars are available in black, camo, orange, or green.
What is the warranty on the Master Retriever 1100?
It comes with a DT Systems Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Is the Master Retriever 1100 collar adjustable?
Yes, it can be adjusted from 7 to 22 inches in increments.

Item Specifications

BrandDT Systems
ProductMaster Retriever 1100
Waterproof100% Waterproof Collar & Transmitter
Range1,100-yard range
Levels of e-Stim16 intensity levels
ModesGentle Touch Nick, Continuous e-Stim, Vibration Assist
ON/OFF SystemBuilt in Magnetic ON/OFF system
Collar featuresCompact, lightweight, rechargeable, adjustable from 7" to 22" in ½" increments, weighs only 4.7oz
ExpandableExpandable up to 2-dog or 3-dog system using easy turn dial
Add on collar optionsBlack, Camo, Orange, or Green
WarrantyDT Systems Limited Lifetime Warranty

Master Retriever 1100: The Ultimate Electronic Dog Training Collar for Demanding Conditions

Introducing the DT Systems Master Retriever 1100, an electronic dog training collar that offers unparalleled durability, waterproof capabilities, and a high-performance design perfect for challenging conditions. Its feature-set includes an impressive 1100-yard range, 16 levels of e-Stim, and a Vibration Assist mode that's perfect for both experienced trainers and their dogs.

The Master Retriever 1100 boasts a robust set of features for optimal dog training, including the MAXX-Range 360 Internal Collar Antenna System, a fully waterproof transmitter-remote, and a lightweight yet resilient collar that is fully rechargeable. Ensure a seamless training experience with the built-in Magnetic ON/OFF system, and easily expand the unit to accommodate 2 or 3 dogs with a simple turn dial.

Designed to handle anything thrown at it, the black DT Systems Master Retriever 1100 collar is perfect for hunters, trainers, and pet owners who need a reliable device for remote dog training. With its Limited Lifetime Warranty, long-range capabilities, and sturdy construction, it's the ultimate companion for arduous training sessions where other collars might falter.

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