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Flat Rate, Drop Ship Items

Items that use this Item Type along with Shipping Designation boxes checked – Charge flat rate shipping for this item, Do not include this item in any other shipping calculations and Always ships in own box – are drop ship items that have flat rate shipping charge (designated by the drop shipper or Dogs Unlimited) and will ship only via Standard Shipping and UPS Ground.
50 items found
Zinger, Field Trialer G4, Silver
ITEM: 1139401-11010
Zinger, Zinger Winger II G4, Silver
ITEM: 1139404-41010
Transportation Coop, COOP 10
ITEM: 1298030-00100
Zinger, Zinger Winger II G4, Black
ITEM: 1139404-41020
Zinger, Mini Zinger G4, Black
ITEM: 1139403-32010
Game Bird Coop, COOP 8
ITEM: 1298030-00080
Zinger, Leg Extensions
ITEM: 1139410-10000
Made In The USA
Ruff Land, Easy Rider Top Tray, GEN II
ITEM: 1280300-M
Starting at $49.99
Ruff Land, Tie Down Bracket Kit
ITEM: 1280300-00316
Made In The USA
Ruff Land, 9" Cackle Box
ITEM: 1280501-M
Zinger, Hunt Tester G5, Silver
ITEM: 1139402-21010
Zinger, Hunt Tester G5, Black
ITEM: 1139402-21020
Made In The USA
QRT Predator Proof Funnel
ITEM: 1124030-00005
Made In The USA
Ruff Land, 7" Cackle Box
ITEM: 1280500-M
Zinger, Field Trialer G4, Black
ITEM: 1139401-11020
Zinger, Mini Zinger G4, Silver
ITEM: 1139403-31010
Made In The USA
Ruff Land, Water Topper
ITEM: 1280400-M
Made In The USA
Ruff Land, Backseat Rider Kennel
ITEM: 1280115-M
Fast Fill Game Bird Coop, COOP 7
ITEM: 1298030-00070
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