• Zinger, Mini Zinger G4, Black

Zinger, Mini Zinger G4, Black

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Because of its small, yet very capable size, the Zinger Winger Mini Zinger is one of the most popular bird launchers on the market - it can throw a Mallard duck 15 yards!

The size of this launcher makes it ideal for storing and transporting in small places and easy to get into and out of the field. Easily attach a Dogtra or Tri Tronics remote releaser and you have a small but powerful retriever training tool. With heavy-duty hinges sturdy wire harnesses and multiple height and distance throw settings this could soon be your bird launcher of choice. The Multi-Shot Sound release mechanism will fire 209 primers, .22 caliber, and .32 caliber blanks for realistic training.

The Mini Zinger will throw ducks, pheasants, pigeons, Dokken dummies, and bumpers.

Measurements - 1 1/2" x 25" x 49"
Weight - 12 lbs

What Zinger Says...

"The popular Mini-Zinger™ or Mini-Z as many people call it is the lightest and smallest winger on the market that can still throw a mallard duck 15 yards. The majority of trainers who choose this model do so because they are "storage-challenged" and do not have a lot of extra space in their vehicles. This small winger can be stored along the back seat of most compact cars and SUVs. I have a customer who calls it her "Toyota corolla" sized winger. Its short length and lightweight design allow it to be carried into the field more easily than its larger cousins.

When combined with either Dogtra or Tritronics remote electronics it becomes an important part of your dog training equipment that will quickly improve your dog's marking ability. For your dog to successfully compete on a consistant basis they must be shown marks (in their daily training) that have the same distance, arc, and height of marks seen at your weekend Hunt Tests and Field Trials. A remote Zinger Winger™ is a must for training by yourself. More champion retrievers have been trained using Zinger Winger™ remote launchers than any other winger on the market.

The Mini-Zinger™ G4 features our new heavy-duty hinges, an upgraded wire harness, and multiple settings for adjusting the height and distance of the throw. It features our exclusive servo actuated Multi-Shot Sound™ release mechanism which fires 209, .22, and .32 caliber blanks. The shot fires as soon as the mark is launched allowing your dog to more easily mark the bird as it sails thru the air. This increases the dog's chance of finding the bird and instills a successful attitude in the dog. The .22 and .32 caliber ports give you the ability to shoot an extra loud report for the dog to hear. The .32 blanks are similar to a 12 gauge shot and are perfect for Field Trial type marks. It's also important to remember that the winger can be operated without firing a blank for a silent launch.

Each Zinger Winger™ comes standard with our Rolling Release™ pouch bolt. This release bolt is designed to provide the winger with a smooth and flawless launch while eliminating any possible hang-ups of your winger pouch and misfiring of the primers due to worn eyebolts and metal wear. No maintenance is required."
  • Duck: Long (15 yards) - Short (8 yards)
  • Bumper/Pigeon: Long (25 yards) - Short (16 yards)
  • Dokkens: Long (20 yards) - Short (14 yards)

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