• Game Bird Coop, COOP 8

Game Bird Coop, COOP 8

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Transport and Release Game Birds with Ease
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The newly designed Coop-8 is ideal for the transportation and release of game birds of all sizes. It has a raised bottom and an inside height of only 8.75" with an overall dimension of 32" L x 24" W x 11" H.

The smaller top door swings out and is smaller so there is less likelihood of escaping birds.

Measurements - * 32" L x 24" W x 11" H

Assembly Instructions

  • Holds approximately 10 - 12 pheasants
  • Top latched swinging door
  • End latched swinging door
  • Grated, open bottom for bird cleanliness, droppings will fall through (NOT A SOLID BOTTOM)
  • High density polyethylene construction

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Game Bird Coop, COOP 8 Q&A

What is the overall dimension of the Coop-8?
The overall dimension of the Coop-8 is 32" L x 24" W x 11" H.
What type of construction does the Coop-8 have?
The Coop-8 has a high-density polyethylene construction.
How many pheasants can the Coop-8 hold?
The Coop-8 can hold approximately 10-12 pheasants.
What type of door does the Coop-8 feature?
The Coop-8 features both a top latched swinging door and an end latched swinging door.
Is the bottom of the Coop-8 solid or grated?
The bottom of the Coop-8 is grated and open for easy cleaning and bird cleanliness.
What is the inside height of the Coop-8?
The inside height of the Coop-8 is 8.75 inches.
Which bird species can be transported in the Coop-8?
The Coop-8 is suitable for game birds of all sizes, including pheasants, quail, and pigeons.
Can the Coop-8 be used for chickens?
Yes, the Coop-8 can also be used as a transport crate for chickens.
What is the purpose of the raised bottom in the Coop-8?
The raised bottom in the Coop-8 ensures cleanliness by allowing droppings to fall through.
Is the Coop-8 easy to assemble and use?
Yes, the Coop-8 is designed for easy assembly and convenient usage.

Item Specifications

Product NameGame Bird Coop, COOP 8
Ideal UsageTransportation and release of game birds of all sizes
Inside Height8.75"
Overall Dimension32" L x 24" W x 11" H
Bottom TypeRaised, grated, open bottom
MaterialHigh density polyethylene construction
Storage CapacityApproximately 10 - 12 pheasants
Top DoorLatched swinging door, smaller to prevent escaping birds
End DoorLatched swinging door
CleanlinessDroppings will fall through, not a solid bottom

Efficient Game Bird Transportation with Coop 8

Introducing the new Coop-8, specifically designed for the efficient transportation and release of game birds of various sizes. Featuring a raised bottom to ensure bird cleanliness, this coo...Discover the unparalleled convenience of transporting and releasing game birds with the innovative Coop-8. It boasts a high-density polyethylene construction for durability and a grated, open bottom for improved bird cleanliness.Experience the ease of transporting 10-12 pheasants, quail, or pigeons in a single coop with the optimally designed Coop-8. Its unique design includes end and top latched swinging doors for secure handling and a minimized risk of bird escapes.