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  • Game Bird Coop, COOP 8
  • Game Bird Coop, COOP 8
  • Game Bird Coop, COOP 8
  • Game Bird Coop, COOP 8

Game Bird Coop, COOP 8

by Kuhl Item #: 1298030-00080
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Transport and Release Game Birds with Ease
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The Game Bird Coop, COOP 8: The Best Solution for Game Bird Transportation and Release

Say goodbye to the hassle of transporting and releasing game birds with the Game Bird Coop, COOP 8. Specially designed for game bird enthusiasts, amateur dog trainers, and professionals alike, this innovative game bird box is perfect for all your transportation and release needs.

Key Features:

- Perfect for all sizes of game birds:
From pheasants to bobwhite quail, this game bird transportation box is designed to comfortably accommodate all sizes of game birds.- Elevated bottom:
The raised bottom ensures cleanliness and contributes to the overall health and well-being of your game birds during transportation.

- Easy access doors:
The smaller top door swings out, preventing the risk of escaping birds and making the process of releasing your game birds a breeze.

- Durable and long-lasting:
Made from high-quality plastic, this game bird crate is built to withstand the rigors of transportation and frequent use.

- Compact size:
With measurements of 32" L x 24" W x 11" H, the Coop 8 is easy to transport and store when not in use.

Not just for game birds: This versatile crate is also suitable for transporting chickens and pigeons, making it a valuable addition to your poultry carrier boxes and pigeon supplies.

Whether you're a seasoned game bird hunter, a hobbyist, or a professional breeder, the Game Bird Coop, COOP 8 is the ideal solution for all your game bird transportation and release needs. Invest in the best and experience the benefits of this unique and innovative game bird crate today.
  • Holds approximately 10 - 12 pheasants
  • Top latched swinging door
  • End latched swinging door
  • Grated, open bottom for bird cleanliness, droppings will fall through (NOT A SOLID BOTTOM)
  • High density polyethylene construction

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Game Bird Coop, COOP 8 Q&A

What is the overall dimension of the Coop-8?
The overall dimension of the Coop-8 is 32" L x 24" W x 11" H.
What type of construction does the Coop-8 have?
The Coop-8 has a high-density polyethylene construction.
How many pheasants can the Coop-8 hold?
The Coop-8 can hold approximately 10-12 pheasants.
What type of door does the Coop-8 feature?
The Coop-8 features both a top latched swinging door and an end latched swinging door.
Is the bottom of the Coop-8 solid or grated?
The bottom of the Coop-8 is grated and open for easy cleaning and bird cleanliness.
What is the inside height of the Coop-8?
The inside height of the Coop-8 is 8.75 inches.
Which bird species can be transported in the Coop-8?
The Coop-8 is suitable for game birds of all sizes, including pheasants, quail, and pigeons.
Can the Coop-8 be used for chickens?
Yes, the Coop-8 can also be used as a transport crate for chickens.
What is the purpose of the raised bottom in the Coop-8?
The raised bottom in the Coop-8 ensures cleanliness by allowing droppings to fall through.
Is the Coop-8 easy to assemble and use?
Yes, the Coop-8 is designed for easy assembly and convenient usage.

Item Specifications

Product NameGame Bird Coop, COOP 8
Ideal UsageTransportation and release of game birds of all sizes
Inside Height8.75"
Overall Dimension32" L x 24" W x 11" H
Bottom TypeRaised, grated, open bottom
MaterialHigh density polyethylene construction
Storage CapacityApproximately 10 - 12 pheasants
Top DoorLatched swinging door, smaller to prevent escaping birds
End DoorLatched swinging door
CleanlinessDroppings will fall through, not a solid bottom

Efficient Game Bird Transportation with Coop 8

Introducing the new Coop-8, specifically designed for the efficient transportation and release of game birds of various sizes. Featuring a raised bottom to ensure bird cleanliness, this coo...Discover the unparalleled convenience of transporting and releasing game birds with the innovative Coop-8. It boasts a high-density polyethylene construction for durability and a grated, open bottom for improved bird cleanliness.Experience the ease of transporting 10-12 pheasants, quail, or pigeons in a single coop with the optimally designed Coop-8. Its unique design includes end and top latched swinging doors for secure handling and a minimized risk of bird escapes.

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