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Ruff Land Performance Kennels is introducing their new GEN II Performance Kennels. Because of their immense popularity, Ruff Land has invested in all-new molds that have allowed them to make some quality refinements to the newly designed GEN II kennels. All of Ruff Land's kennels now include recessed handles for stacking and accessorizing. Additionally, the new GEN II kennels will stack and couple with their previous versions.

Build Tough, Like a Performance Cooler!

ToughOne One-Piece Roto-Molded Construction

Ruff Land™ kennels feature one-piece roto-molded construction from UV-stabilized polyethylene. This means no assembly and no bolt-through ledge (as on two-piece kennels) which saves up to 3 inches of side space. It also makes for a much stronger kennel. And, because there are no seams, it is also much easier to clean. Finally, a Ruff Land kennel won’t crack even in extreme subzero weather.

Built safe, like a performance race car!

Race Car-Inspired Ruff-Flex™ Energy Dissipation Technology

It’s an unfortunate fact that too many dogs are injured or killed every year in vehicle accidents. The truth is, traditional dog kennels are simply not designed to protect their four-legged passengers. Ruff Land kennels feature race car-inspired Ruff-Flex™ Energy Dissipation Technology, a series of design elements that dramatically improve the odds of your dog surviving an accident.

How it works -

Most kennels are simply not strong enough to protect your dog in an impact situation. Ruff Land’s one-piece roto-molded construction is extremely strong. The walls, top, and floor on Ruff Land Kennels also have built-in flexibility which absorbs energy that would otherwise be transferred to your dog. This is where the “stiff”, two-walled plastic kennels, which claim to be safer, fail. They may not break, but when your dog hits the side of the kennel, there is no give like there is with a Ruff Land. The raised floor in a Ruff Land also serves to provide both strength and cushion as does the designed-in body crease around the middle of the kennel. Likewise, the composite doors on a Ruff Land kennel are remarkably strong and designed to absorb energy. Plus, they feature six locking lugs whereas other kennels have no more than four. Then there is the all-important heavy-duty tie-downs which you should always use. If your kennel is connected to your truck it can take advantage of your truck absorbing impact energy. But only if the tie-downs are designed properly. Ruff Land tie-downs are designed like the driver retention devices on a race car.

Built smart, with features that matter!

- Stackright Design - The tops and bottoms of Ruff Land kennel all feature form-fit nesting that allows kennels to fit together, making them stackable.
- Tie Down Attachments - Take advantage of your truck's absorbing impact energy with Ruff Land's properly designed, heavy-duty tie-downs (optional). Working load - 800 lbs.
- Slantback - SUV-Friendly Design (optional) saves space by fitting snugly up against the seat in the SUV. Select Ruff Land kennels to feature SlantBack design, an angled back end that fits perfectly up against the canted second seat on most SUVs.
- (NEW) Integrated Handles - All GEN II Ruff Land Kennels come with integrated handles for easier transport and lifting. The handles are recessed for stacking and accessorizing.
- Surevent Tapered Wall Design - The sidewalls on all Ruff Land kennels feature a series of vent holes. These vent holes ensure proper air circulation for your dog. Ruff Land took this one step further by tapering the side walls so that the vent holes will never get plugged, even if you slide the kennel up against a wall or some other flat-sided object.
- Upside Raised Floor Interior - The interior floor in a Ruff Land kennel is raised so that debris and liquids that fall or spill off to the side are channeled away from your dog. This UpSide raised floor also creates some flex for a built-in cushioning effect for your dog as it rides in your truck.

This large kennel with double doors (front and left side entry) is perfect for your larger breed of dogs or when you need more room when kenneling your dog in the home. This 2 door configuration works well when you need to access the kennel in unique situations. It can be stacked or coupled for transport or in a boarding or vet clinic setting. Vent hole patterns differ among styles, please see photos displayed for the standard (1 3/8" hole size), with two finger holes in the back.

Please note - the double door version will add 1 1/2" to the dimension!

Weight -

Approx. 30 lbs

5 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Light weight
  • Stackable
  • One piece construction
  • Can be tied down for safety

Size Chart

Length (IN)353433
Width (IN) at widest point222217 1/2
Height26 3/425

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Ruff Land, Large Kennel, Double Doors Left Side Entry Q&A

What makes the Ruff Land GEN II Kennel unique?
The GEN II Kennel has new refinements, making it tougher and safer, with race car-inspired Ruff-Flex Energy Dissipation Technology.
Can I stack the GEN II Kennel with previous versions?
Yes, the new GEN II Kennels are compatible with previous versions for stacking.
What is the construction material of the kennel?
The kennel is crafted from UV-stabilized polyethylene with one-piece roto-molded construction.
How does Ruff-Flex Energy Dissipation Technology work?
Ruff-Flex Energy Dissipation Technology is a series of design elements that help in reducing the risk of injury during vehicle accidents.
Is the Ruff Land Kennel suitable for extreme climates?
Yes, the kennel is built to withstand extreme subzero weather conditions.
Are the handles on the GEN II Kennel adjustable?
The GEN II Kennel features recessed handles for stacking and accessorizing.
How is the GEN II Kennel easy to clean?
The one-piece roto-molded construction and seamless design make the kennel much easier to clean.
What size is the GEN II Kennel?
The featured kennel is the large size with double doors on the left side.
What is the wait time for the back-ordered kennel?
The approximate wait time for a back-ordered Ruff Land Large Kennel is 2 to 4 weeks.
Is the GEN II Kennel durable?
Yes, the one-piece roto-molded construction and UV-stabilized polyethylene make the kennel extremely durable and strong.

Item Specifications

BrandRuff Land
ProductLarge Kennel, Double Doors, Left Side Entry
StatusBack Order, Wait time: 2-4 weeks
GenerationGEN II Performance Kennels
ConstructionOne-Piece Roto-Molded, UV-Stabilized Polyethylene
AssemblyNo assembly needed
StackabilityRecessed handles, stackable and compatible with previous versions
DurabilityDoes not crack in extreme subzero weather
Built-In TechnologyRace Car-Inspired Ruff-Flex Energy Dissipation
Energy AbsorptionBuilt-in flexibility, raised floor, designed-in body crease
DoorsComposite doors
Performance Cooler-like DesignYes

Ruff Land GEN II Performance Kennel: Large, Double Doors, Left Side Entry

Introducing the all-new Ruff Land GEN II Performance Kennels designed with advanced safety features to keep your dog protected during travel. Built tough like a performance cooler, these large kennels with double doors on the left side are stackable and compatible with previous versions.

Experience the strength of one-piece roto-molded construction crafted from UV-stabilized polyethylene, ensuring a solid kennel with no seams that can withstand extreme subzero weather. It also makes cleaning a breeze!

Ruff Land's race car-inspired Ruff-Flex Energy Dissipation Technology provides unmatched safety for your dog through a series of innovative design elements, effectively reducing the risk of injury or death in vehicle accidents.

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