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Hunter Series Dog Box is a spacious 48" wide by 36" deep, ideal for accommodating your canine companions. This double-compartment dog box offers ample room for movement, ensuring your dogs' comfort during transportation. Its unique design forgoes storage space to make it more shallow and lightweight, perfect for easy transport.

Its construction is robust, featuring a rugged diamond tread that ensures lasting durability. The interiors of the dog compartments are lined to provide additional comfort for your dogs. The lockable slam latch doors, equipped with storm covers, not only offer security but also protection against adverse weather conditions. The dog box is fitted with 7" x 10" maximum flow side air vents to ensure good ventilation and maintain a pleasant environment inside. The premium rattle-free spring-loaded carrying handles ensure a quiet and smooth transportation experience.

Whether you require a gun dog box, a hunting dog box or a general transportation dog box, the Owens Hunter Series Dog Box fits the bill. It can also be used as a comfortable dog kennel or crate for hunting dogs. It doubles up as your dogs' home on the road, providing them with the comfort they deserve. Transport your dog in style and comfort with the Owens Hunter Series Dog Box.


Overall Dimensions: 48"W x 36"D x 20"H
Dog Compartment Dimensions: 24"w X 34"D X 20"H


A shipping cost quote is required and the minimum shipping amount regardless of location is $250.00. Additional shipping may apply depending on your location.

The customer is required to unload the truck. It is highly advised that there be at least 2 - 4 people to unload.

A complete inspection of shipped merchandise must be made prior to the truck driver leaving the delivery location. If upon inspection there is any damage to the merchandise then the customer and driver need to document said damages for insurance purposes. If the driver leaves prior to inspection customer agrees to accept delivered merchandise in an "as is" condition and waives all claims. NO EXCEPTIONS

Please call DOGS Unlimited at 800/338-DOGS (3647) for details.
  • Rugged diamond tread construction with lined dog compartments
  • Lockable slam latch doors with storm covers
  • 7" x 10" maximum flow side air vents
  • Premium rattle-free spring loaded carrying handles

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Owens, Hunter Series Dog Box, 48" Wide X 36" Deep, Double Compartment, Without Storage, Shallow Q&A

What materials were used in this dog box's construction?
The dog box is made from rugged diamond tread aluminum.
What is the size of each dog compartment?
Each dog compartment measures 24 inches wide by 34 inches deep by 20 inches high.
What kind of handles does the dog box have?
The box is equipped with premium rattle-free spring loaded carrying handles.
Is this suitable for long trips or just short jaunts?
This dog box provides ample space and comfort, making it suitable for both long trips and short jaunts.
Are the compartments lockable for added security?
Yes, the compartments have lockable slam latch doors.
How can I ensure proper ventilation for my dog?
This dog box features 7x10 maximum flow side air vents for optimal ventilation.
Does the dog box have any additional features?
The box comes with storm covers, providing further protection for your dog.
Is there any storage in this dog box?
This particular model does not have storage.
How do I unload the dog box upon delivery?
Customers are required to unload the truck and advised to have at least 2-4 people available for unloading.
What should I do if there is damage during shipping?
Inspect the merchandise before the truck driver leaves, and if damaged, document it with the driver for insurance purposes.

Item Specifications

Product NameOwens, Hunter Series Dog Box
Dimensions48" W x 36" D x 20" H (Overall)
Construction MaterialRugged diamond tread
Dog Compartment LiningLined
Lockable DoorsSlam latch doors with storm covers
Air Vents7" x 10" maximum flow side air vents
Carrying HandlesPremium rattle-free spring loaded handles
StorageWithout Storage
CompartmentsDouble Compartment
Shipping CostMinimum of $250.00, additional charges based on location
Shipping AssistanceAt least 2-4 people recommended for unloading
Inspection RequirementComplete inspection prior to truck driver leaving
Seller ContactDOGS Unlimited at 800/338-DOGS (3647)

Owens Hunter Series 48x36 Dog Box - Double Compartment for Ultimate Comfort

Introducing the Owens Hunter Series Dog Box, a top-of-the-line solution for transporting your canine companion in comfort and style. Featuring a double compartment design, this durable dog box ensures ample space for your dog to relax during long trips.

Experience the convenience and security offered by the Owens Hunter Series Dog Box. It comes with brilliant features such as lockable slam latch doors, storm covers, and 7x10 maximum flow side air vents for excellent ventilation. Invest in lasting quality with this dog box's rugged diamond tread construction.

Equip yourself with the Owens Hunter Series Dog Box and enjoy worry-free travel with your dog. Designed for comfort and durability, its premium rattle-free spring loaded carrying handles make transportation a breeze, while the dog compartments are lined for added coziness. Make your dog's journey as enjoyable as possible with this reliable dog box.

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