• Fast Fill Game Bird Coop, COOP 7

Fast Fill Game Bird Coop, COOP 7

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The Coop 7 Fast-Fill Game Bird Coop has many of the same characteristics as the Coop 10 Transportation Coop with one added feature that's just fantastic - a push-in top-hinged swinging end door for the quick loading of game birds. One of the most versatile game bird carrying crate designs DOGS Unlimited has found. First, and absolutely the best feature of this coop is the push-in top-hinged swinging end door for quick loading. Second, a slider door on the top so birds can be retrieved one at a time. Finally, a quick-release door is used to release all the birds in the crate at once.

Like the Transportation Coop, the solid floor in this coop also prevents droppings from messing with whatever you use to transport your game birds.

High-density polyethylene is used to make this Fast-Fill Game Bird Coop.

Measurements - * 38" L x 23" W x 10 1/2" H

Assembly Instructions

  • Holds approximately 14 - 16 pheasants
  • Top sliding door
  • End latched swinging door
  • End fast fill non-latched top hinged swinging door
  • High density polyethylene construction

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