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  • Transportation Coop, COOP 10
  • Transportation Coop, COOP 10
  • Transportation Coop, COOP 10
  • Transportation Coop, COOP 10

Transportation Coop, COOP 10

by Kuhl Item #: 1298030-00100
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Efficiently Transport Game Birds with this Transportation Coop
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The Transportation Coop COOP 10 - the perfect solution for all your game bird transportation needs! Say goodbye to the stinky, smelly mess in the back of your vehicle and hello to a clean, safe, and efficient transport system for your pigeons, quail, pheasants, chukar, and more.

The COOP 10 Transportation Coop is designed with a solid floor to hold the birds' droppings, ensuring a clean and mess-free experience during transport. The Coop 10, made of high-density polyethylene, is not only durable but also easy to clean, maintaining the highest standards of hygiene for your game birds.

With a sliding door on the top and a quick-release door at one end, this innovative bird coop allows for the convenient loading and unloading of your game birds. The open sides and top provide fresh air, while the provision for clean food and water ensures strong, healthy birds throughout their time in the coop.

Measuring 38" L x 23" W x 10 1/2" H, this pigeon transport cage is perfect for securely transporting your birds.

Don't miss out on this fantastic game bird transportation option – invest in the COOP 10 Transportation Coop today and transform the way you transport your game birds. Keep your vehicle clean and your birds safe and healthy with this unique, convenient, and efficient solution. Assembly instructions are provided, and assembly is required. Assembly video available on this page.

Upgrade your game bird transportation system with the COOP 10 Transportation Coop!
  • Holds approximately 14 - 16 pheasants
  • Top sliding door
  • End latched swinging door
  • High density polyethylene construction

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Transportation Coop, COOP 10 Q&A

What materials are used in the construction of the coop?
High-density polyethylene.
How many birds can this coop hold?
Approximately 14-16 pheasants.
What types of birds can the coop accommodate?
Pigeons, quail, pheasants, chukar and more.
How easy is it to load and unload birds?
A top sliding door and quick-release end door make loading and unloading simple.
Does the coop provide enough fresh air for the birds?
Yes, the sides and top are open for ventilation.
What are the dimensions?
38" L x 23" W x 10 1/2" H.
How does the coop prevent messes?
Its solid floor captures the birds' droppings, keeping your vehicle clean.
Is assembly required?
Yes, some assembly is needed.
Will the coop keep my birds healthy during transportation?
Fresh air, clean food, and water can ensure strong, healthy birds.
What applications can this coop be used for?
Bird handling & training equipment, commercial pens, game bird transportation.

Item Specifications

Product NameCoop 10 Transportation Coop
PurposeTransport training birds - pigeons, quail, pheasants, chukar
Solid FloorHolds bird droppings and avoids mess
Sliding DoorTop sliding door for easy loading and unloading
Quick-Release DoorLocated at one end for convenient access
VentilationOpen sides and top for fresh air
MaterialHigh density polyethylene
Dimensions38" L x 23" W x 10 1/2" H
AssemblyAssembly required
CapacityHolds approximately 14-16 pheasants
Other NamesKuhl bird coop, bobwhite quail cages, chukar crate, commercial quail pens, game bird box, game bird carry crate, game bird crates, game bird transport boxes, game bird transportation boxes, liberated quail coop, pheasant crate, pheasant crates for sale, pheasant supplies, pheasant transport box, pigeon crates, pigeon transport cage, plastic game bird crate, quail crate
CategoryBird handling & training equipment

Game Bird Transport: Clean & Efficient with Coop 10 Transportation Coop

The Coop 10 Transportation Coop is designed to make game bird transportation hassle-free and clean. With a solid floor that can hold plenty of birds, there's no need to worry about a messy vehicle while transporting pigeons, quail, pheasants, chukar and more.

This high-density polyethylene coop offers superior ventilation and hygiene, ensuring your birds remain healthy and strong during their time inside. The top sliding door and quick-release end door provide ease of loading and unloading.

No more stinky, smelly messes! Assembly is easy, and the coop can hold approximately 14-16 pheasants, making it perfect for bird handling & training activities, commercial quail pens or game bird transportation.

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