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Dan’s Hunting Gear

By Alan Davison
Wednesday, November 23rd 2022

Dogs Unlimited has recently brought in numerous items from Dan’s Hunting Gear – chaps, vests, gaiters, etc. – and they have exceeded our expectations! While I knew Dan’s Hunting Gear chaps were popular after seeing them in the field while hunting and on the horseback field trial circuit, we are pleasantly surprised with how their entire line has been received by our customers. The quality for each and every item is excellent and the item sizing seems to be right on for most people.

Late summer and early fall saw the Snake Protector Gaiters and Chaps ordered at a brisk rate as you would expect as it seems this is when the snakes seem to be the most active. We have certainly seen a lot more rattlesnakes on our hunts and during trials where only 10 years ago they were not around at all. Changing climate and hunting destinations have certainly played a part. My hunting friends and I have recently ventured into the desert in search of Scaled Quail and have encountered rattlesnakes numerous times. Not good.

Dan’s has many different styles of hunting and dog training vests and these have proved popular this fall. Something for everyone as they say.

If you’re looking for some great gear check out Dan’s Hunting Gear, the quality is excellent and the price is right.

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