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YouTube Channel Self Promotion

By Alan Davison
Thursday, June 1st 2017

Yes, this is a bit of self-promotion, but that's okay. Many of you may be familiar with our YouTube Channel - Dogs Unlimited Gear, some of you may not. Check it out!

We have a ton of videos on our channel and they are categorized by department. Many of our videos are product-driven, either showing the item's features and benefits while some of the videos actually show them in use under actual gun dog training conditions.

We also have a video series on this channel titled "The Trials and Tribulations of Tripp". We're very excited about this series because we are documenting our new GSP's life. We start by introducing you to 2 puppies that are about 8 weeks of age and let you follow us through our selection process. From there we delve into our future expectations of our new puppy and what we're doing to hopefully make those expectations come true. From general experiences to actual training, success and failure, and everything in between.

It should be interesting, educational, and just plain fun. So whether you're into watching dog training products in use to see what might work out for your good dog or want to follow Tripp on his exploits subscribe to our YouTube Channel - Dogs Unlimited Gear and check out what's happening.

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