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Thought of the Day - Don't Ignore Your Gun Dog

By Alan Davison
Wednesday, May 31st 2017

It's kind of a natural thing this time of year, we're off concentrating on those things that we've put off because of our love of our gun dogs. Maintenance around the house, family vacations, other hobbies, and just generally getting caught up on stuff we need to get caught up on. These things need to get done and should be a priority but don't forget about your gun dog.

You've conditioned them to be a superstar athlete ready to work for you doing what they love. Whether it's hunting your favorite birds or competing in performance events they give you all they've got and they are due for a bit of downtime. All that being true, they still strive to be your one and only because it's in their nature to want to be one of the pack.

My suggestion, use this time to keep them in shape and work on the bad habits that crept into your hunting routine. Not to the extent that you will in the month or so prior to the hunting season but enough so when that time comes, they will be ready.

Also, you can use this time to do a bit of cross-training as well. Take them swimming at a local lake or river and work on that fetch command in a more relaxed setting. Take the family out for a hike and take your gun dog along as well, making sure they stay to the front just like in a hunting situation. Let your imagination run wild and find something that will reinforce certain commands but not in a way that seems like work. This is a relaxed time for everyone.

Doing these types of activities will relax your dog's mind and body but keep them active and learning on a different level. Once the more formal training begins later in the year, your gun dog will be ready.

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