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Thought of the Day - HuntSmith Seminar

By Alan Davison
Friday, May 26th 2017

Dogs Unlimited hosted the HuntSmith Foundation Seminar this past weekend and it was incredibly successful. Rick Smith showed up at the seminar grounds on Friday at about 5:00pm and met the participants as they arrived. The participants came from a wide background, from those who had actually taken the Seminar series in the past to those who were learning how to train their very first field dog.

The Friday evening session was a meet & greet orientation where Rick and the participants got to introduce themselves which gave everyone a better understanding of what the Saturday and Sunday sessions were going to be about.

Saturday started on time at 8:00am and Rick got right into it. First hitting on the importance of building a foundation with your dog from the very beginning. He stressed to everyone how important it is to get a handle on your dog early so that small issues don't compound and become big, unmanageable problems.

Saturday after the session, Dogs Unlimited had an open house inviting the participants to come in for some well-deserved refreshments and an opportunity to walk through our warehouse where they got to select from our fine assortment of gun dog training equipment and upland hunting gear. After the open house, we went over to a local eating establishment, The Pepper Pod Restaurant, for a well-deserved evening meal.

The seminar started back up on Sunday morning and everyone got right to it. Working the dogs on the command lead, check cord, and whoa post. Rick stressed to the participants that what they were learning over the weekend was a microcosm of their next year's worth of training. Slow, steady, consistent training is what's needed when it comes to gun dog training. And, of course, a commitment to training regularly.

Everyone enjoyed the sessions and are now ready to start training their dogs with confidence and a plan.

It was great to see Rick again and we look forward to having him and the Foundation Seminar back again next year!!!

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