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Thought of the Day - Summer is Here and NOW!

By Alan Davison
Monday, June 5th 2017

We live in Colorado where it seems like we've had one of the coolest, wettest springs in recent memory. That has quickly turned to summer and it looks like we'll be hitting the 90's sometime this week.

Why do I bring this up, your best buddy - your trusted gun dog. As most folks know, early summer is the time for everyone to relax and take it easy but be aware that your dog is going to want the attention they deserve and it is worthwhile to give it to them. Remember that regardless of how cool it may seem to you if you are running / roading / or just generally exercising your dog they need access to water!!!

Plain water is fine but as the summer relaxation moves to actual training and you think you may want to try out some new canine hydration products I would make it a point of using them while training. Better to test palatability now during training than wait until you're in the middle of the day during your first hunting trip to find out your gun dog isn't keen on drinking what you brought.

While most of the canine hydration products on the market are designed to get your dog to enjoy drinking water so they'll consume it during the hunt some will also add electrolytes and energy ingredients so you and your hunting dog can get the most out of your day.

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