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Vehicle Accessories

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Dura-Flex Utility Fob
ITEM: 1001001-M
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Made In The USA
Dakota 283, UTV 283 Lifestyle Vault
ITEM: 1163300-01627
PetSafe, Deluxe SUV Cargo Liner, Tan
ITEM: 1150120-00015
Kennel Gear, Receiver Hitch Mount
ITEM: 911145-00105
DU by Mud River, Cargo Liner, Bottomland
ITEM: 1262025-12050
Avery, Dog Truck Ramp
ITEM: 903016-90022
MAGnet Gun Caddy with Velcro
ITEM: 1311102-00331
Petsafe, Happy Ride Metal Dog Barrier
ITEM: 1150300-62409
Made In The USA
Dogs Unlimited Decal, White
ITEM: 1001025-00120
Dogs Unlimited Decal, Green
ITEM: 1001025-00100

Dog Traveling Gear: Best Vehicle Accessories for Safe & Comfortable Journeys with Your Furry Friend

As a dog owner, you'd agree that traveling with your furry friend is fun and adventurous. But, if you haven't equipped your vehicle with the right accessories, the adventure could become troublesome. At Dogs Unlimited, we offer a range of high-quality traveling gear for your pooch that ensures a safe and comfortable journey. Take a look at what we have in store for you.

Our Mud River Dog Products' shotgun seat covers in brown, black/gray, or Blades design are perfect for protecting your vehicle's seats from dirt, fur, and scratches. The covers come in two sizes – regular and extra-large. DU by Mud River cargo liners with Bottomland or Blades designs prevent cargo area stains and scratches.

Truck seat organizers from DU by Mud River Dog Products, with a Habitat design, help you organize your vehicle and pet essentials. RuffWear's Dirtbag Seat Cover in granite gray is a durable and waterproof option for protecting your car's rear bench seat.

PetSafe's Happy Ride Quilted Bench Seat Cover in grey is a new addition to our inventory. It effectively protects and keeps your car's back seat clean while providing comfort to your canine. The seat covers are available in regular or extra-wide sizes. Another PetSafe product, the deluxe SUV cargo liner, fits most full-size SUVs and wagons and protects your car's cargo area from mud, fur, and spills. PetSafe's Waterproof Bench Seat Cover covers the entire seat area to ensure your passenger seat doesn't get ruined.

MagNet gun caddy with Velcro, a Kennel Gear receiver hitch mount, and Browning Bench Seat Cover in Mossy Oak Blades design are some other products you can find at Dogs Unlimited. Shop now and enjoy discounts on select products.

Vehicle Accessories Q & A

What kind of seat covers does Mud River Dog Products offer?
Mud River Dog Products offers shotgun seat covers in brown, black/gray, or Blades design in two sizes – regular and extra-large. They also have DU by Mud River cargo liners with Bottomland or Blades designs.
What are the products offered by PetSafe?
PetSafe offers various seat covers – Happy Ride Quilted Bench Seat Cover, the deluxe SUV cargo liner, and Waterproof Bench Seat Cover. The brand also has a Happy Ride Quilted Bucket Seat Cover. All these products are available in grey or tan color.
What is the advantage of having a truck seat organizer?
Truck seat organizers help you keep your vehicle and pet essentials organized while you're traveling with your pooch. DU by Mud River Dog Products has a truck seat organizer with a Habitat design.
Which brand provides a waterproof seat cover?
PetSafe provides Waterproof Bench Seat Cover that covers the entire seat area to prevent your passenger seat from getting ruined due to mud, fur, and spills.
What discount can one expect on select products at Dogs Unlimited?
Dogs Unlimited offers discounts on various products, which may vary from time to time. Visit our website to see ongoing discounts and promotions.
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