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  • Mud River Dog Products, Hammock Seat Cover, Brown, X-Large

Mud River Dog Products, Hammock Seat Cover, Brown, X-Large

by Mud River Item #: 1262027-12401
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Upgrade Your Vehicle with a Mud River Dog Hammock Seat Cover
Out of stock but available to order
Mud River Dog Products presents the Hammock Seat Cover, an essential accessory for all dog owners who value their vehicle's cleanliness and their pet's comfort. Crafted in a stylish shade of brown, this X-Large size cover is ideally suited for larger vehicles or those with a spacious back seat area.

This Hammock Seat Cover is constructed from Mud River's signature reversible rip-stop nylon and canvas, ensuring a highly durable product that will withstand the test of time. The hammock-style design guarantees optimal protection for your vehicle's back seats, shielding them from unwanted pet hair, dirt, and scratches.

The seat cover features three back seat web straps and two front seat straps, making it fully adjustable to fit your vehicle just right. Its entire surface is padded, providing your pet with a comfortable place to lie down during your journeys.

Maintenance is a breeze with this Hammock Seat Cover. It's designed for easy clean-up, allowing you to quickly remove any dirt or pet hair and keep your vehicle looking pristine. With dimensions of 68 L x 68 W, it provides extensive coverage to keep your seats protected.

With the Mud River Dog Hammock Seat Cover, you can drive with peace of mind, knowing your seats are safeguarded against pet-related messes. Invest in this top-notch product and enjoy a clean, pet-hair-free car, without compromising on your dog's comfort.
  • Reversible, ripstop nylon/canvas
  • Three adjustable web straps for back seat headrests
  • Two adjustable web straps for front seat headrests
  • Velcro pockets for storage
  • Padded for comfort
  • Easy clean-up

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Mud River Dog Products, Hammock Seat Cover, Brown, X-Large Q&A

What size is the seat cover?
The Mud River Hammock Seat Cover is X Large with dimensions of 68 L x 68 W.
What material is the seat cover made from?
The seat cover is made from reversible ripstop nylon and canvas material.
Is the seat cover easy to clean?
Yes, the Mud River Dog Hammock Seat Cover is easy to clean.
How does the seat cover stay in place?
The seat cover has 3 adjustable straps for the back seat headrests, and 2 straps for the front seat headrests.
Does the seat cover have storage options?
Yes, the seat cover features Velcro pockets for storage.
What color is the seat cover?
The Mud River Hammock Seat Cover is available in brown.
Is the seat cover padded for my dog's comfort?
Yes, the seat cover is padded to ensure comfort during car rides.
Will this seat cover fit in my large vehicle?
The X Large size of the seat cover is perfect for larger vehicles.
Can the seat cover protect my back seat from dog hair?
Yes, the Mud River Hammock Seat Cover is designed to protect your back seat from dog hair and messes.
What's the best way to secure the seat cover?
Use the adjustable web straps to secure the seat cover to the front and back seat headrests.

Item Specifications

BrandMud River Dog Products
ProductHammock Seat Cover
SizeX Large
Ideal forLarger vehicles
MaterialReversible rip-stop nylon and canvas
Adjustability3 back seat web straps and 2 front seat straps
CleanlinessEasy clean-up
Dimension68 L x 68 W
Additional FeaturesVelcro pockets for storage

Protect Your Vehicle with Mud River's Dog Hammock Seat Cover, X Large, Brown

Enjoy peace of mind and ultimate protection for your vehicle's backseat with the Mud River Hammock Seat Cover, designed in a stylish brown color and X Large size. It's perfect for those larger vehicles, offering maximum coverage and long-lasting durability.

Experience true convenience with the adjustable straps and reversible ripstop nylon and canvas design, ensuring both you and your dog have a comfortable and worry-free drive. Cleanups are a breeze, thanks to the easy-to-wash material and padded composition.

No more dealing with pesky dog hair or scuffed back seats - the Mud River Hammock Seat Cover is here to save the day! With its adjustable web straps, Velcro storage pockets, and padded comfort, have confidence knowing both your dog and car are well taken care of.

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