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  • Mud River Dog Products, Shotgun Seat Cover, Brown

Mud River Dog Products, Shotgun Seat Cover, Brown

by Mud River Item #: 1262020-77720
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Keep Your Front Seat Clean with the Shotgun Seat Cover
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Mud River Dog Products presents the Shotgun Seat Cover in a sleek brown color, specially designed to keep your front seat spotless and hair-free. This compact version of the renowned Mud River 2-Barrel Utility Mat is tailor-made for your front and bucket seats, making it the perfect travel accessory for messy hunting companions, energetic dogs, or lively kids.

With dimensions of 68 L x 29 W, the Shotgun Seat Cover offers extensive coverage, ensuring that every corner of your seat remains pristine, no matter who rides shotgun. Crafted with superior materials, this seat cover stands out as one of the best seat covers for dog hair, effectively trapping hair and preventing it from scattering all over your vehicle.

Being one of the premier front seat covers on the market, it is also an optimal choice for truck owners, fitting snugly and providing maximum protection against dirt, grime, and spills. This brown Shotgun Seat Cover from Mud River Dog Products not only keeps your vehicle clean but also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your interior.

So, whether it's a trip to the store or a hunting expedition, ensure your vehicle remains clean and stylish with the Shotgun Seat Cover - because we know that the best adventures often get a little messy.
  • Construction: Two sided utility mat comes with one side covered in canvas and the other covered in a 410D Nylon
  • Filled with MicroLite2 insulation
  • 2 adjustable straps allow for a custom fit
  • Cleaning: Spray or wipe off with water and lay out to allow for drying

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Mud River Dog Products, Shotgun Seat Cover, Brown Q&A

What materials are used to make the Shotgun Seat Cover?
The cover has one side made of canvas and the other made of 410D Nylon.
What is MicroLite2 insulation?
MicroLite2 insulation is used for cushioning the seat cover, providing added comfort.
How do I clean the seat cover?
Simply spray or wipe it off with water and lay it out to dry.
Can the Shotgun Seat Cover be used in different vehicle models?
Yes, the adjustable straps allow for a custom fit in various models.
What are the dimensions of the seat cover?
The dimensions are 68 L x 29 W.
Is this cover good for transporting dogs or children?
Yes, it's suitable for transporting dogs, kids, or hunting buddies.
Does the seat cover protect against dirt and hair?
Yes, it keeps your seat clean from dirt, hair, and other debris.
Is the cover designed for front seats only?
It is designed with front seats and bucket seats in mind.
Can I use this cover for my hunting truck?
Yes, it's an excellent option for hunting trucks to protect the front seat.
Does the seat cover come with any warranty?
The text does not mention a warranty.

Item Specifications

Product nameMud River Dog Products Shotgun Seat Cover
Product typeShotgun Seat Cover for front seat & bucket seats
CompatibilityIdeal for transporting dirty hunting buddies, dogs, or kids
Dimensions68 L x 29 W
ConstructionTwo-sided utility mat with canvas & 410D Nylon
InsulationMicroLite2 insulation
Adjustability2 adjustable straps for a custom fit
CleaningSpray or wipe off with water, lay out to dry
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Protect Your Vehicle with Mud River Shotgun Seat Cover

Introducing the Mud River Shotgun Seat Cover, designed exclusively to keep your vehicle's front seat clean from dirt, hair, and anything else. This versatile seat cover is perfect for dog owners, parents, or hunting enthusiasts who want to protect their seats without sacrificing style.

Fabricated to fit front and bucket seats, the Mud River Shotgun Seat Cover offers optimal coverage, ensuring your seat remains clean throughout your journey. Its two-sided utility mat comes outfitted with one side covered in durable canvas and the other in sturdy 410D Nylon, providing the protection you need.

Featuring MicroLite2 insulation, the Mud River Shotgun Seat Cover not only keeps your seat clean but also adds a layer of cushioning for added comfort. The adjustable straps allow for a custom fit, making this cover suitable for use in various vehicle models.

No need to worry about difficult cleaning, as this seat cover can be easily wiped or sprayed with water and laid out to dry. Invest in a Mud River Shotgun Seat Cover today and enjoy a worry-free ride with your companions!

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