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  • Mud River Dog Products, Shotgun Seat Cover, Black/Gray

Mud River Dog Products, Shotgun Seat Cover, Black/Gray

by Mud River Item #: 1262020-12175
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Keep your vehicle clean with the Mud River Shotgun Seat Cover
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Mud River Dog Products Shotgun Seat Cover is the best solution to maintaining the cleanliness of your vehicle while enjoying the company of your canine friend. With dimensions of 68 L x 29 W, this seat cover is designed to perfectly fit the front seat of your car, SUV, or truck, providing a comprehensive cover that shields the seat from dust, dirt, and dog hair.

The Mud River Dog Products Shotgun Seat Cover is not just a seat cover for dogs, but a versatile accessory that offers unique benefits. Crafted from robust rip-stop nylon, this seat cover ensures remarkable durability, promising many years of use. The extra padding provides a comfortable ride for your dog or human passengers, making it an ideal choice for long-distance travel or hunting trips.

Available in a sleek Black/Gray color, the Shotgun Seat Cover is reversible, allowing you to switch up the look whenever you desire. The adjustable web strap makes it easy to install by simply attaching it to the headrest and draping it onto the floor. This practical design not only protects your seat but also prevents your dog from slipping off during the ride.

One of the major unique selling points of the Mud River Dog Products Shotgun Seat Cover is its easy-to-clean feature. No more worries about mud, slobber, or dog hair ruining your vehicle upholstery. Simply remove the cover and clean it off, keeping your vehicle in pristine condition.

Whether you are looking for car seat covers, dog seat covers for SUV, or truck seat covers for dogs, the Mud River Dog Products Shotgun Seat Cover is your go-to choice. Offering protection, comfort, and style, this seat cover is a must-have accessory for every dog owner who loves to travel with their pet.
  • Reversible, rip-stop nylon
  • One adjustable web strap
  • Padded for comfort
  • Easy clean-up

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Mud River Dog Products, Shotgun Seat Cover, Black/Gray Q&A

What material is the Shotgun Seat Cover made of?
The seat cover is made of durable rip-stop nylon.
Is this seat cover suitable for any vehicle?
Yes, it fits cars, SUVs, and trucks with its adjustable web strap.
Does it provide padding for my pet?
Yes, the seat cover is padded for your pet's comfort.
Is the Shotgun Seat Cover easy to clean?
Yes, the seat cover is designed for easy clean-up.
What are the dimensions of the seat cover?
The dimensions are 68 L x 29 W.
Can I use this seat cover for hunting dogs?
Yes, it's perfect for hunting dog seat covers.
Is the seat cover reversible?
Yes, it features a reversible design for versatility.
How do I attach the seat cover to my vehicle?
Attach it to the headrest using the adjustable web strap.
What color is the seat cover?
The seat cover is available in Black/Gray.
Does it protect the entire front seat?
Yes, it covers and protects the entire front seat.

Item Specifications

Extracted AttributesDescription
Mud River Dog Products Shotgun Seat Cover, Black/GrayThe product name
Attaches to headrestHow it is secured in the vehicle
Adjustable web strapFeature that allows customization to fit different vehicles
ReversibleCan be used on both sides
PaddedOffers comfort for the dog
Rip-stop nylonMaterial used to make it durable
Easy clean-upSimple and convenient to maintain
Dimensions: 68 L x 29 WSize of the product
Protects car, SUV, or truck front seatsUse of the product
Can be used on vehicles like cars, SUVs, and trucksCompatibility with different types of vehicles
Black front seat cover, gray front seat cover, seat coverOther name variations for the product
Dog seat cover, dog seat covers for SUVSpecific use of the product
Front seat coverPlacement of the product in the vehicle
Hunting dog seat coversTarget audience
Mud River Dog Products, Mud River Dog Products Shotgun Seat Cover, Mud River front seat coverOther product names associated with the brand
Shotgun seat coverAnother name for the product
Truck seat covers, truck seat covers for dogs, seat covers & cargo linersSimilar product types
Dog traveling gearCategory of the product

Mud River Dog Products Black/Gray Shotgun Seat Cover for Front Seats

Protect your vehicle's front seats from the dirt and hair that accompanies your beloved pet. The Mud River Dog Products Shotgun Seat Cover in Black/Gray is specially designed to attach effortlessly to the headrest of any car, SUV, or truck to provide a reliable barrier against messes. Say goodbye to unsightly pet hair and hello to a pristine interior.

Durability is key with the Mud River Shotgun Seat Cover. Made from strong rip-stop nylon, this seat cover is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use for years to come. It's reversible, allowing for versatility and extended life, and padded for your furry companion's comfort.

Worry less about post-adventure cleanup with the Mud River Dog Products seat cover. Its easy clean-up features allow for hassle-free maintenance, so you can focus on the fun of the journey rather than the aftermath. Prepare yourself for any adventure with this top-notch vehicle accessory.

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