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  • Dura-Flex Utility Fob

Dura-Flex Utility Fob

by Dura-flex Item #: 1001001-M
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Upgrade Your Key Organization with Dura-Flex Utility Fob
$9.95 - $13.95$9.95
The Dura-Flex Utility Fob, the best solution to upgrade your key organization game! Expertly crafted by Dogs Unlimited LLC, this sleek and stylish key accessory is designed to keep your keys organized, secure, and easily accessible.

Made from authentic BioThane coated webbing, the Dura-Flex Utility Fob boasts the same high-quality material as our renowned Dura-flex Collars. This flexible and robust material is embossed to give it a luxurious leathery appearance, ensuring both durability and style.

Choose from a variety of vibrant color options, including Black, Havana Brown, Green, Orange, Pink, and Brown, to complement your personal style. Each Dura-Flex Utility Fob is equipped with a solid brass scissor snap and a brass-plated key ring, providing additional security and ease of use.

Customize your Dura-Flex Utility Fob with various style options, such as No Nameplate, Attached Nameplate, or Nameplate on Ring, to suit your preferences. However, for your safety, we recommend avoiding the inclusion of your home address on the nameplate. Instead, consider using a PO Box, City, State, and Zip Code, along with a cell phone number.

The keychain belt clip feature of the Dura-Flex Utility Fob allows for effortless attachment to belts, bags, or other items, ensuring your keys are always within reach.

Don't settle for ordinary keychains; upgrade to the Dura-Flex Utility Fob and experience the benefits of superior key organization, security, and style!
  • Authentic BioThane Coated Webbing
  • Solid brass scissor snap
  • Brass-plated key ring

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Dura-Flex Utility Fob Q&A

What material is the Dura-Flex Utility Fob made from?
It is made from authentic BioThane coated webbing.
What type of snap does the Utility Fob have?
It has a solid brass scissor snap.
What kind of key ring is included in the design?
A brass-plated key ring is included.
What is the appearance of the Utility Fob?
It has a leathery, embossed appearance.
Can I personalize the Utility Fob?
Yes, you can add a personalized nameplate.
What should I not include on the nameplate?
Avoid adding home address or home telephone information.
What can be added to the nameplate instead?
Include a PO Box, city, state, and zip code.
What type of phone number is recommended for the nameplate?
Use a cell phone number, not a home phone number.
Is the Dura-Flex Utility Fob versatile?
Yes, it offers versatile key organization options.
Does the Utility Fob match with Dura-flex Collars?
Yes, it complements the Dura-flex Collars.

Item Specifications

MaterialAuthentic BioThane coated webbing
AppearanceFlexible, embossed, leathery appearance
Key Fob VariantsDura-flex key chain, Dura-flex key fob, Dura-flex key ring
Included FeaturesSolid brass scissor snap, Brass-plated key ring
Additional TagsKey chain with name, Key fob key chain, Key fob with clip, Keychain belt clip, Keychain pocket clip, Keychain with clip, Snap clip keychain, Custom gear
Nameplate SuggestionsPO Box, City, State, Zip Code, Cell phone number (avoid home address and home phone number)

Stylish & Durable Key Management with the Dura-Flex Utility Fob

Introducing the Dura-Flex Utility Fob, an innovative key accessory designed to revolutionize the way you manage and secure your keys. Made from authentic BioThane coated webbing, this unique key fob offers an unparalleled combination of durability and style, with a leathery appearance that sets it apart from ordinary key chains.

Keep your keys organized and secure with the Dura-Flex Utility Fob, featuring a solid brass scissor snap and a brass-plated key ring for enhanced reliability. Its high-quality construction ensures long-lasting performance, while its embossed texture adds a touch of sophistication to your key management routine.

Upgrade your vehicle accessories' game with the Dura-Flex Utility Fob, an essential addition to your everyday carry. Offering versatile key organization options, it not only provides a secure and convenient way to hold your keys but also helps you to maintain an effortless sense of style and organization.

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