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Shop the Best Beeper Collars for Hunting Dogs at Dogs Unlimited

Hunters have been using beeper collars for a long time to keep track of their hunting dogs. These collars emit sounds that make it easier to locate dogs when they are hidden in thick cover or out of sight. At Dogs Unlimited, we stock some of the best beeper collars from the top brands in the market, including Dogtra, Garmin, SportDog, and DT Systems.

Bird hunting enthusiasts know how challenging it can be to find and retrieve downed birds in dense brush or tall grass. A beeper collar can help by allowing you to locate your dog quickly and easily, even when it's out of sight. Our selection of beeper collars includes models that come with a variety of features such as beep modes, vibration modes, and remote control options. Whatever your needs, we have a collar that fits.

The Dogtra Beeper Collars come in different colors, sizes, and styles but they all share the same features. The STB Beeper Collar is one of the most popular models, thanks to its 400-yard range and three selectable modes—silent, beep, and locate—making it ideal for bird hunters. The 2700 T&B Trainer & Beeper Series E Collars, on the other hand, offers both remote training and beeper functions, plus a 1-mile range, for more versatility in the field.

Garmin also has an excellent range of beeper collars. The Upland Beeper uses advanced technology, like tone and vibration modes, three beeper modes, and a range of up to 500 yards to help hunters find their dogs with ease.

SportDog is another brand that has gained popularity among hunters. The Add-A-Dog SDR-AB (SD-1875), UplandHunter A Series is compatible with multiple systems, has a range of 1 mile, and offers eight levels of continuous and momentary stimulation, vibration, and tone modes. Meanwhile, the Upland Hunter Accessory Beeper can be added to your existing training system to track your dog's position and movement using twp beep modes or by tone locators.

Finally, DT Systems has its own range of high-quality beeper collars such as the Baritone Beeper Collar and the Baritone Beeper Deluxe Collar with Transmitter. The latter offers a 900-yard range and eight different beeper sounds to choose from, as well as a remote control option and waterproofing for more intensive hunting scenarios.

Dogs Unlimited is the one-stop-shop for all your beeper collar needs. Browse our wide selection of models and find your perfect match today.

Beeper Collar Only Q & A

What is a beeper collar?
A beeper collar is a collar for hunting dogs that emits sounds to make it easier for hunters to locate them when they are out of sight or hidden in thick cover.
Which are the best beeper collar brands?
Some of the best beeper collar brands include Dogtra, Garmin, SportDog, and DT Systems, all of which offer a variety of features and styles for hunters.
What features should I look for in a beeper collar?
It depends on your hunting needs. Common features include beep modes, vibration modes, multiple beeper sounds, remote-control options, and waterproofing for more intensive hunts.
Can a beeper collar help with bird hunting?
Yes, a beeper collar can help bird hunters locate their dogs quickly and easily, even when they are hidden in dense brush or tall grass.
Where can I find the best beeper collars for hunting dogs?
You can find the best beeper collars for hunting dogs at Dogs Unlimited, where we offer a wide selection of models from the top brands in the market.
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