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  • SportDog, SD-1875, Upland Hunter 1 Mile Beep & Train Combo

SportDog, SD-1875, Upland Hunter 1 Mile Beep & Train Combo

by SportDog Brand Item #: 901240-13066
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Enhance Your Hunting Experience with the SportDog UplandHunter 1875
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The SportDog UplandHunter 1875, SD-1875, provides an exceptional dog tracking and training solution designed for the avid hunter. This innovative product is the epitome of SportDog's efficiency, designed to enhance your hunting experience whether you're in wide-open prairies or dense northern alder swamps.

The UplandHunter 1875 lets you keep tabs on your pointing dogs with ease. Its situation-programmable transmitter controls a compact, waterproof collar receiver, while simultaneously operating a rugged, audible beeper that is also waterproof. This beeper trainer combo offers a generous 1-mile range, ensuring you never lose sight of your dog even in the most challenging terrains.

This dog tracking shock collar is equipped with a 500-yard beeper range and 9 different tones, providing you with clear and distinct signals to identify your dog and their location. The system is easily expandable to accommodate multi-dog use with Add-A-Dog collars, making it the best upland e-collar for those with multiple hunting dogs.

The SportDog UplandHunter 1875 offers numerous features such as tone and vibration options, continuous stimulation with 7 levels, and momentary stimulation with 7 levels. The collar is DRYTEK waterproof and submersible up to 25 feet, making it ideal for all-weather hunting.

The collar also offers a quick 2-hour battery charge time, ensuring your device is always ready when you need it. The SportDog UplandHunter 1875 truly stands out as the best upland dog collar, providing control and flexibility at your fingertips.

Experience the difference with the SportDog UplandHunter 1875, and elevate your hunting experience to a whole new level.


9 beeper tones audible to 500 yards
Change tones from up to 1 mile
3 selectable modes: silent, 5 second, 10 second beep
Instant locate feature with the touch of a Transmitter button
Realhawk™ beeper sound
DryTek® waterproof and submersible to 25 feet
Contoured beeper design
Placement knob to secure beeper in place


Remote Transmitter
Receiver on 3/4" Collar Strap with UplandBlaze® Orange Finish
Charging Cradle
Beeper Charging Cradle Connector
Charging Adaptor
Standard Contact Points
Long Contact Points
Belt Clip
Test Light Tool
Operating Guide
Basic Training Manual & DVD
  • Range - Up to 1 mile
  • Expandable up to 3 dogs
  • Tone and vibration options
  • DRYTEK waterproof and submersible to 25 feet
  • Battery Charge Time - 2 hour quick charge
  • Beeper
  • Continuous stimulation - 7 levels
  • Momentary stimulation - 7 levels

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SportDog, SD-1875, Upland Hunter 1 Mile Beep & Train Combo Q&A

What is the range of the SportDog UplandHunter 1875?
The range of the UplandHunter 1875 is up to 1 mile.
How many dogs can the UplandHunter 1875 support?
The UplandHunter 1875 can be expanded to support up to 3 dogs.
What is the beeper range on the UplandHunter 1875?
The beeper range on the UplandHunter 1875 is 500 yards.
How long does it take to charge the UplandHunter 1875?
The UplandHunter 1875 has a 2-hour quick charge feature.
Is the collar waterproof?
Yes, the UplandHunter 1875 features DRYTEK technology, making it waterproof and submersible up to 25 feet.
How many levels of stimulation does the UplandHunter 1875 have?
The UplandHunter 1875 has 7 levels of continuous and momentary stimulation.
What is the purpose of the beeper tones?
The 9 separate beeper tones help distinguish your dog's location and activities during a hunt.
Can I use this collar for training multiple dogs?
Yes, with Add-A-Dog collars, the UplandHunter 1875 can be used to train multiple dogs.
What type of terrain is the UplandHunter 1875 suitable for?
The rugged, waterproof design of the UplandHunter 1875 makes it suitable for various terrains and hunting environments.
What is the benefit of having a situation-programmable transmitter?
A situation-programmable transmitter allows for optimal control and flexibility during your hunting activities.

Item Specifications

ModelUpland Hunter 1875 (SD-1875)
RangeUp to 1 mile
ExpandableUp to 3 dogs
FeaturesTone and vibration options
Waterproof and SubmersibleDRYTEK - up to 25 feet
Battery Charge Time2 hour quick charge
Beeper Specs500-yard range, 9 different tones
StimulationContinuous - 7 levels, Momentary - 7 levels
CompatibilityMulti-dog use with Add-A-Dog collars
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SportDog UplandHunter 1875: The Ultimate in Dog Tracking and Training

The SportDog UplandHunter 1875 offers superior tracking and training capabilities with its 1-mile range and waterproof design. The 500-yard beeper range and 9 different tones keep you connected with your dog, ensuring their safety and enhancing your hunting experience.

Expandable up to 3 dogs, the UplandHunter 1875 features a situation-programmable transmitter, and a rugged, waterproof, audible beeper. This provides optimal control and flexibility while hunting.

The seven levels of continuous and momentary stimulation make for a versatile training experience. The DRYTEK technology ensures the collar is waterproof and submersible up to 25 feet, making it perfect for any hunting environment.

With a 2-hour quick charge and Add-A-Dog collars, the UplandHunter 1875 is as convenient as it is effective. Upgrade your hunting experience with the best in dog tracking and training technology.

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