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  • DT Systems, Baritone Beeper Collar

DT Systems, Baritone Beeper Collar

by DT Systems Item #: 1008800-M
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Keep Track of Your Dog with the BTB 800 Beeper Collar
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Introducing the DT Systems, Baritone Beeper Collar, also known as the BTB 800. This innovative product is a dog collar with a beeper, designed for those who need to keep track of their dogs in rugged conditions. It's especially beneficial for hunters and dog trainers who need to maintain contact with their dogs in heavy cover and challenging terrains.

One of the unique selling points of this beeper collar is its lightweight construction. Despite the tough conditions it's designed for, the BTB 800 is not burdensome for your dog. The collar can easily withstand the robust conditions and heavy cover dogs often encounter, ensuring longevity and reliable performance.

The Baritone Beeper Collar comes equipped with a sound booster element and a single and double beep versions. These features make the BTB 800 collar much easier to hear at long range, helping you track your dog's movements without difficulty. The audible range of the beeper extends to 450 yards, although actual yardage can vary depending on several variables like cover, wind speed and direction, and your position relative to your dog.

Overall, the DT Systems BTB 800 Beeper Collar stands out as the best dog beeper collar in the market. It's not just a beeper collar, but an upland beeper collar that offers superior performance, durability and convenience. Trust DT Systems to provide high-quality, reliable dog training collars for all your needs.
  • Easy Operation - One touch push button system
  • Long Range Audibility - Audio booster element
  • Reliability - State-of-the-art microcomputer technology
  • Two Operating Modes - Run/Point, or Point only
  • Rechargeable Batteries - Charger included
  • Completely Waterproof

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DT Systems, Baritone Beeper Collar Q&A

What is the primary function of the BTB 800?
The primary function is to keep track of your dog's location when out of sight and let you know when he's on point.
Is the BTB 800 durable?
Yes, it is specially designed to withstand rugged conditions and heavy cover.
How does the BTB 800 aid audibility?
The sound booster element and long duration, double beep make it easier to hear at long range.
What technology does the BTB 800 use?
State-of-the-art microcomputer technology.
What are the two operating modes?
Run/Point and Point Only.
Are the batteries rechargeable?
Yes, the collar comes with rechargeable batteries and a charger.
Is the BTB 800 waterproof?
Yes, the beeper collar is completely waterproof.
How is the BTB 800 operated?
It has an easy one-touch push button system.
What is the purpose of the two operating modes?
They offer versatility for different dog training and hunting situations.
Can the BTB 800 be used for different types of hunting?
Yes, it is ideal for bird dog, pheasant, quail, and upland hunting.

Item Specifications

BrandDT Systems
ModelBaritone Beeper Collar BTB 800
PurposeTrack dog's location and indicate when on point
DesignLightweight, built for rugged conditions
Sound Booster ElementEnables long-range audibility
Double BeepMakes collar easier to hear at long range
OperationOne touch push button system
Operating ModesRun/Point, or Point only
BatteriesRechargeable (charger included)
Collar Type OptionsBeeper collar only, beeper collar with remote, beeper collar with transmitter
UsesDog training, hunting (bird, pheasant, quail), upland hunting

DT Systems BTB 800 Beeper Collar: Track Your Dog in Rugged Conditions

Introducing the DT Systems BTB 800 Baritone Beeper Collar - the perfect solution for keeping track of your dog's location while hunting, training, or exploring the great outdoors. This top-of-the-line collar is designed to withstand rugged conditions and heavy cover that dogs frequently encounter, ensuring durability and reliability.

Equipped with state-of-the-art microcomputer technology, the BTB 800 offers long-range audibility, made possible by its sound booster element. Now you can easily locate your dog at a distance, preventing any misunderstandings when your dog is on point.

The BTB 800 Beeper Collar is not only easy to operate with its one-touch push button system but also offers two distinct operating modes: Run/Point or Point Only. This versatility makes it ideal for both professional trainers and dedicated dog owners alike.

Worry less about your device's battery life with the BTB 800's rechargeable batteries and included charger. Plus, the collar is completely waterproof, providing peace of mind during those wet outdoor adventures.

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