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  • SportDog, Add-A-Dog SDR-AB, UplandHunter A Series

SportDog, Add-A-Dog SDR-AB, UplandHunter A Series

by SportDog Brand Item #: 901247-13733
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Enhance Your Training System with SportDog Add-A-Dog SDR-AB
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Discover the SportDog Add-A-Dog SDR-AB, the perfect addition to the UplandHunter A Series. Designed to add a new dog to your existing training system, this product is the ideal solution for expanding your training capabilities or replacing a lost collar receiver.

The SportDog SDR-AB is compatible with SportHunter 1875, SportHunter 1825, WetlandHunter 1825CAMO, and ProHunter 2525 systems, providing you with a versatile, multi-purpose product that will seamlessly integrate with your existing equipment.

But the features of the SportDog Add-A-Dog SDR-AB don't stop there. It also comes with a deluxe beeper, adding a new layer of functionality to your training. This beeper can help you keep track of your dog's location, make training commands more effective, and increase the safety of your outdoor adventures.

The SportDog SDR-AB also includes a convenient docking station for quick and easy charging. The collar and beeper will be fully charged in just 2 hours, ensuring your equipment is always ready when you need it.

Upgrade your training system with the SportDog UplandHunter Add-A-Dog SDR-AB. It's not just a product - it's a game-changer in dog training. Experience the benefits of this unique, feature-packed product from the trusted SportDog Brand.

Beeper Tone Options -

:: High Volume Beep
:: High Volume Hawk
:: Double High Beep
:: Bob White Quail Call
:: High Falling to Low Beep
:: Triple Beep
:: Double High Falling to Low Beep
:: Low Volume Beep
:: Low Volume Hawk
  • DRYTEK waterproof design technology to be waterproof and submersible up to 25 feet
  • Convenient docking station charges e-collar and beeper in just 2 hours
  • 40-60 hours of "on-time" between charges
  • Beeper offers 9 tones to locate your dog
  • Ergonomic, low profile e-collar design
  • Compact beeper design
  • Positioning knob on beeper to ensure secure fit and placement

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SportDog, Add-A-Dog SDR-AB, UplandHunter A Series Q&A

What SportDog models is the SportDog UplandHunter Add-A-Dog compatible with?
The collar is compatible with SportHunter 1825, WetlandHunter 1825CAMO, and ProHunter 2525.
How many beeper tones are available with this collar?
The collar offers nine beeper tone options to locate your dog.
What is the charging time for the collar and beeper?
The charging time is 2 hours using the convenient docking station.
What is the 'on-time' duration between charges?
The collar provides 40-60 hours of 'on-time' between charges.
What is the waterproof feature of the collar receiver?
It features DRYTEK waterproof design technology, making it waterproof and submersible up to 25 feet.
How does the collar ensure a secure fit?
A positioning knob on the beeper ensures a secure fit and placement.
What is the purpose of the docking station?
The docking station is used to charge both the e-collar and beeper simultaneously.
Does the collar receiver have an ergonomic design?
Yes, the e-collar features an ergonomic and low profile design.
Is the beeper design compact?
Yes, this collar receiver features a compact beeper design.
Can the SportDog UplandHunter Add-A-Dog SDR-AB be used as a replacement collar?
Yes, it can serve as a replacement collar or as a way to add a new dog to your current system.

Item Specifications

ModelAdd-A-Dog SDR-AB (SD-1875), UplandHunter A-Series
CompatibilitySportHunter 1825, WetlandHunter 1825CAMO, ProHunter 2525
DesignDRYTEK waterproof, submersible up to 25 feet, ergonomic, low-profile e-collar
ChargingCharging docking station, 2-hour charging time, 40-60 hours of "on-time" between charges
Beeper Tone Options9 tones available for locating the dog
Additional FeaturesCompact beeper design, positioning knob for secure fit and placement
UsesReplacement collar, add a new dog to the current system, beeper trainer collar for various dog types

SportDog UplandHunter Add-A-Dog SDR-AB (SD-1875) A Series: Upgrade Your Training System

Elevate your training experience with the SportDog UplandHunter Add-A-Dog SDR-AB, a perfect addition or replacement to your current training system. Compatible with various SportDog models, this collar receiver helps you manage multiple dogs with ease.

This versatile and waterproof collar receiver charges quickly, enabling 40 - 60 hours of usage after a mere 2-hour charging session. The compact beeper design allows for secure positioning, ensuring optimal performance and comfort.

Featuring nine different beeper tone options, the SportDog SDR-AB Add-A-Dog lets you choose the perfect sound for locating your trained companion. The collar's ergonomic design allows for a low profile fit, eliminating distractions during training sessions or hunts.

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